Apr 08

Video: “One Shining Moment”

Best montage in sports. Lets you go back and relive your glory days of high school, AAU, whatever you played. You miss it. IM sports or 25 and older leagues just aren’t the same. What you would give to play one more meaningful game, lace ‘em with your boys, ahh…I know the feeling all too well.


Apr 07

Penn State Will Play At Michigan On October 11th For First Ever Conference Night Game In The Big House

GoPSUSportsUNIVERSITY PARK. Pa., April 7, 2014 - Penn State’s Oct. 11 Big Ten road opener at Michigan has been set for prime time and is the Nittany Lions’ second announced kick time for the 2014 season.

Coach James Franklin’s Nittany Lions will visit Ann Arbor for a 7:00 p.m. ET clash that will air on ESPN or ESPN2, the Penn State Sports Network and GoPSUsports.com. The Big Ten East Division contest will be Michigan’s first Big Ten home night game and the third overall in Michigan Stadium history.


Unfortunately, we won’t have Allen Robinson and we all know what Allen Robinson does to Michigan defenders.


Never forget.


Apr 04

Sources: Unnamed Players Say “Good Riddance” To DeSean Jackson

CBSPhillySports.comJoseph Santoliquito

Philadelphia, PA (CBS) — In the days following DeSean Jackson’s release by the Eagles, speculation ran rampant as to the reasons why. Everything was to blame from Jackson’s petulant, rambunctious sideline behavior, to his alleged gang ties, to Jackson’s character, to this being Chip Kelly’s fault.

But what a number of sources close to and around the team, including current and former players, as well as additional sources within the Eagles revealed was that Jackson was not very well liked by his teammates, was blatantly insubordinate, with temper tantrums cussing out Kelly several times in front of the team, pushed the NFL rookie coach the way “a child would test boundaries,” and was more concerned with his rap label than he was about winning football games.

Several other sources also suggested that Jeremy Maclin may have had an issue if Jackson returned to the Eagles in 2014. He wasn’t alone, if that’s true.

“The fact is, [Jackson] was a ‘me-guy’ with an attitude problem and [Maclin] is the complete opposite, a team guy, a great character guy you go to war with,” said one source. “Funny how [Jackson] has this anti-bully thing and he thought he could push [Kelly] around; he found out otherwise. His being cut had nothing to do with the gang stuff. The team knew it. Everyone knew he had ‘ties.’ Those were his guys. That’s okay. What put him out was his selfishness. He can try and spin it all he wants how he’s ‘a team player.’ He’s not. I’ll put it this way, when it came out last Friday that [Jackson] was released, more than a few guys were happy it happened. They said ‘good riddance.’ He had no real connection with anyone.

NFC Championship: Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals

Must read FULL story here


Apr 04

VIDEO: Adreian Payne Gets Lacey To Kiss The Ball, Then He Completes A Heel Touching 360, And Celebration Is Best Part


I tried to get that all in the title—that video was action packed and awesome. Hard not to like Adreian Payne. His story with Lacey is pretty awesome.


Apr 04

So Long David Letterman, So Long


A lot of these Late Night Show or Daily Show hosts often become polarizing figures, people creating strong opinions on them either way, because they can. Regardless, these guys are super, super talented and people have no idea how difficult their job is.

David Letterman, love him or hate him, you have to respect him. One of the all-time great entertainers we have ever seen.


Apr 04

Mark Cuban’s New “Cyber Dust” App Is The Snap Chat Of Text Messages

VenueMagazine - If you’re a fan of Snapchat, you will probably love the new Cyber Dust app. You can thank Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, for funding the application that erases text messages. Ever sent a text message you regret? With Cyber Dust, similar to Snapchat, once you open a text, you will see it for 30 seconds and then it will disappear. Also, the number does not pop up once the text is open so that if there is a screen shot taken, no one will know your name.



There is no worse feeling in the world than sending a text message to the wrong person, or one to a girl you completely regret immediately after sending. It could ruin you forever. So, I guess this app is might catch on.

I just find it hard to think people will stop sending regular SMS messages and will start using this app to send texts. And, a lot of times I actually do like going back and re-reading old texts. So I’m not totally sure this app has nearly the amount of success the almighty Snap Chat is having.

Check out Cyber Dust here


Apr 03

Video From ‘Entourage Movie’ Set: MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey Flips On Turtle


On one hand I’m so excited for this movie and I want to know everything and anything possible about it, but on the other hand I don’t want any spoilers. I can’t help it though.



Apr 03

VIDEO: Jessica Alba is Perfect


As far as I’m concerned, she’s the perfect woman, and I don’t care what you say to be honest. She’s my all-time number one and that’s my final answer.


Apr 03

No Football Program Is Having More Fun Than Penn State


And I truly believe that statement. Frank-man is killing it. Just absolutely killing it. It’s about to get real at Beaver Stadium. Start tailgating now.

Cue it!


Apr 03

VIDEO: Penn State Football, Hey It’s Franklin Era Begins


I love these videos. Every single one of them. Blue/White, about one week away.


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