Aug 22

Thank You, Taney




Thank you, Taney, you crazy kids, you. You represented Philadelphia so perfectly, and man, that was one helluva ride.


Aug 22

Full Analysis Of The Birds’ Dress-Rehearsal Smashing Of The Steelers

Couple things:

1. These penalties are getting out of hand

2. Maclin won’t stop getting hurt and saying he’s fine. I can’t take it much longer.

3. That Shady screen-play (same play they ran to Sproles who tripped on the INT) is harmonious. Thing of beauty.

4. Defense looks solid

5. Alex Henery is atrocious, Eagles need a kicker badly

6. The Steelers are pretty bad, but Antonio Brown is a stud

7. Is it week 1 yet?

Watch: Full highlights here


Aug 21

PSU vs. UCF Ireland Game In Jeopardy Because Of A…Wait For It…Wait For It…Volcano!

CBSSportsYes, it seems that there’s been increased volcanic activity in Iceland, and there are concerns a volcano called Bárðarbunga could erupt. Do not ask me how to pronounce it because I have no idea.

The concern is that if the volcano erupts it could disrupt air travel to Europe just like in 2010 with another Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull (seriously, Iceland?), and over 10,000 flights to and from Europe were canceled due to the resulting ash spewed into the atmosphere. Penn State is currently scheduled to fly to Ireland on Tuesday Aug. 26, and the school is aware of the possible eruption.

So what would happen if the volcano does erupt and cancels the game? I don’t know. I’m guessing the game would be postponed to another time and played somewhere in the United States, possibly in Happy Valley, or maybe in Orlando.


A volcano though?

Hopefully the volcano doesn’t erupt, it would ruin a sick day and would really suck for everyone making a trip out of this game.

8:30am start time for everyone staying in Penn State — or in Philly with Made In America — makes for a pretty sweet drinking day. Don’t even both trying to sleep Friday night.


Aug 21

The Ump Definitely Bet Las Vegas, Right?

(Photo via @AFS86Friar on Twitter)

(Photo via @AFS86Friar on Twitter)


Look, I’m not one to bitch and moan over calls but this dude was atrocious. It was brutal. So bad, Karl Ravech had to mention it on the air. Dude’s strike zone was all over the place.

Anyway, no excuses. This is exactly what we needed to happen if Taney is going to win it all. Need to face adversity, get the loss out of the way, beat Chicago tonight and zero chance Las Vegas beats us again. Two in a row is tough in Little League.

Ps.  Didn’t think our coach did a great. Guy has to score from third on double play, gotta be more aggressive on bases, especially as a big underdog and the home team late in the game.

Pps. Eric Lipson is by far my favorite player, ever


Ppps - MUSH


Jul 14

Write For Us!


Interested in writing for TSP? If you’re funny, passionate about Philly sports, and go to Penn State MAIN CAMPUS you’ve got a shot. If you’re not, you don’t.

Simply start a blog and send the link to the Update it consistently for a little–five days or so—as if you’re posting for TSP. If we like it, we’ll hire you. Simple as that. Easy peasy Japenesy.

Ps. If we find a featured, committed writer we will hopefully be able to compensate you with some beer/food money. Either way, it’s killer on your resume, it’s a ton of fun, and if you do it right you’ll quickly become a PSU celeb.



Jul 03

Happy July 4th

Song is dope. But have a good holiday all. Wish USA was playing Saturday. Football is less than two months away, and it’s almost syllabus week.


Jul 01

Video: Flip The Script #IBelieve

Un-American not to watch this at least 10 times before 4pm ET. Hate soccer all you want, but it’s ignorant not to be into this one today, folks. If you’re a sports fan in American, you believe.



Jun 29

The State College Spikes Just Won The Weekend

First, the Spikes wore these jerseys:

spikes-princeAnd then this happened:

Incredible.  I need one of those jerseys STAT.

PS – The guy in jean shorts knows how to dominate a Sunday.

PPS – How much do you think Alfonso Ribeiro got paid to show up in State College on a Sunday in the middle of summer? I honestly have no idea how much that would cost.  A couple thousand? Should we get him to show up at the next TSP party in AC? Might have to.

h/t Rovell


Jun 23

Video: Reactions To Clint Dempsey’s Goal Against Portugal, Then Cristiano Ronaldo




Was that the worst or was that the worst? Ugh. It’s why we love sports, but what a killer moment. Fado, Fox N Hound, and all of center city in Philly was nutty. We were about to run the streets. 30 seconds, literally. Ugh. Shoot me in the face.

We better get through or we’ll never forget that Portugal goal, for all the wrong reasons.


Jun 23

Hold The Phones: Flyers vs. Pens At Beaver Stadium Could Happen This Upcoming Season!



Now, you got to take every Howard Eskin tweet with a grain of salt, but a tweet is a tweet. Obviously people are talking about this and honestly, I can’t think of a possible better situation for a sporting event…ever.

I don’t think I love a rivalry more than Flyers / Penguins in all of sports and I KNOW I don’t love a stadium more than Beaver Stadium. This would sell out before you could say, ‘Sidney Crosby is a little girl.’

Honestly, is there another sporting event that could top this for Flyers/Penguins/Penn State fans? Maybe Eagles v. Steelers at Beaver Stadium, but an NHL game at Beaver Stadium is a million times cooler. It’s historic. Make it happen.


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