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  1. lisa

    how come the state pattys shirts dont come in XXL??

  2. Eric

    What Lisa Said!

  3. brendan fredericks

    how long for shipping to philly?

    1. TSP

      Shouldn’t be long. Couple days max

  4. Vicki

    will the tank tops be sold outside Quiznos this wednesday as well? and what time will you be selling?

    1. AirPort

      Yes, 11am-3pm

  5. Sasha

    If I ordered shirts friday, will they come by tomorrow??

    1. AirPort

      What shirt did you order? All State Patty’s shirts were shipped, and you should have it by tomorrow.

  6. Nick

    I ordered the THON Penn State Proud shirt before spring break…. Any idea when it will be in. I got the email saying that it shipped in february

    1. AirPort

      You should have it by Friday. If you still haven’t received it by then, email us and we will take care of it. Thanks.

  7. Alyssa

    do you have any more of the “we came we raved we loved” pinnies?!

  8. Tierra

    are there any more senior week pinnies??? please say yes!!

    1. AirPort

      At Quiznos

  9. Nicole

    are you guys getting anymore in stock?

    1. Nicole

      of the state pattys day shirts i mean

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