The School Philly Follow us on Twitter (@TheSchoolPhilly): The School Philly combines the incomparable passion of Philly sports and its fans, as well the perfect life of a Penn State college student, with everything and anything in between.

Staff: Just normal Penn State students and alumni, some former high school athletes and/or collegiate athletes, living in State College, PA and Philadelphia, having the time of our lives. We consist of die-hard Philly sports guys, and true Penn Staters.

TheSchoolPhilly.com was founded on August 26, 2010.


Andrew Porter, “AirPort” (@and_porter) – President, Co-Founder, Editor, Writer, TSP Radio host

Andrew Porter was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia. He played varsity basketball (3 years) and baseball (1 year) for George Washington High School in the Philadelphia public league. Porter graduated from Penn State University in 2012, with a degree in Marketing. At Penn State, Porter worked as a sports marketing intern for Penn State Sports Properties, became on-air talent for the “Sports Blitz” on TheLion90.7FM, and of course, created The School Philly.

Now, Porter works at SportsRadio94WIP in Philadelphia. He runs WIP’s Audio Roadshow App, works on WIP’s social media accounts, and contributes to CBSPhilly.com.

Porter also created, and is the host, of TSP Radio.

Ryan Murray, “The Boston Kid” (@Murray_TSP) – Vice-President, Co-Founder

Andrew Tepel (@Tepel03_TSP) – CIO

Scott Kret (@ScottKret_TSP)- CFO, TSP Radio host


Before graduating, we put this together:


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TSP Crew

Ahlby – Writer

Bronny - Writer

Herbstreet - Writer


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  1. bean

    and bean :) hahaha

  2. little s.g.

    don’t forget leigh

  3. Name

    Yo Scott! G-DUUUBB 09!!! When did you guys create this site?

  4. Name

    psu is a bunch of wannabe’s… you dont live in philadelphia, you cannot call yourself a philadelphia school

    1. Chris

      “psu is a bunch of wannabe’s” LOL you’re a clown. First off they didn’t call Penn State a Philadelphia school, they said they were die hard Philadelphia sports fans, and they went to Penn State. But I’d really like to know what you think we “wannabe”. The only bad thing about Penn State was that I rarely got to visit other schools, because whenever I brought up visiting one of my friend’s schools they would say “it’s no Penn State, I’ll just come there.” Do you think we wished we were Temple? Or Drexel? What’re you talking about bro?

  5. Anonymous

    these new kids need to step shit up or your gonna lose a lot of followers….

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