Jul 14

Write For Us!


Interested in writing for TSP? If you’re funny, passionate about Philly sports, and go to Penn State MAIN CAMPUS you’ve got a shot. If you’re not, you don’t.

Simply start a blog and send the link to the theschoolphilly@gmail.com. Update it consistently for a little–five days or so—as if you’re posting for TSP. If we like it, we’ll hire you. Simple as that. Easy peasy Japenesy.

Ps. If we find a featured, committed writer we will hopefully be able to compensate you with some beer/food money. Either way, it’s killer on your resume, it’s a ton of fun, and if you do it right you’ll quickly become a PSU celeb.



Jul 03

Happy July 4th

Song is dope. But have a good holiday all. Wish USA was playing Saturday. Football is less than two months away, and it’s almost syllabus week.


Jul 01

Video: Flip The Script #IBelieve

Un-American not to watch this at least 10 times before 4pm ET. Hate soccer all you want, but it’s ignorant not to be into this one today, folks. If you’re a sports fan in American, you believe.



Jun 29

The State College Spikes Just Won The Weekend

First, the Spikes wore these jerseys:

spikes-princeAnd then this happened:

Incredible.  I need one of those jerseys STAT.

PS – The guy in jean shorts knows how to dominate a Sunday.

PPS – How much do you think Alfonso Ribeiro got paid to show up in State College on a Sunday in the middle of summer? I honestly have no idea how much that would cost.  A couple thousand? Should we get him to show up at the next TSP party in AC? Might have to.

h/t Rovell


Jun 23

Video: Reactions To Clint Dempsey’s Goal Against Portugal, Then Cristiano Ronaldo




Was that the worst or was that the worst? Ugh. It’s why we love sports, but what a killer moment. Fado, Fox N Hound, and all of center city in Philly was nutty. We were about to run the streets. 30 seconds, literally. Ugh. Shoot me in the face.

We better get through or we’ll never forget that Portugal goal, for all the wrong reasons.


Jun 23

Hold The Phones: Flyers vs. Pens At Beaver Stadium Could Happen This Upcoming Season!



Now, you got to take every Howard Eskin tweet with a grain of salt, but a tweet is a tweet. Obviously people are talking about this and honestly, I can’t think of a possible better situation for a sporting event…ever.

I don’t think I love a rivalry more than Flyers / Penguins in all of sports and I KNOW I don’t love a stadium more than Beaver Stadium. This would sell out before you could say, ‘Sidney Crosby is a little girl.’

Honestly, is there another sporting event that could top this for Flyers/Penguins/Penn State fans? Maybe Eagles v. Steelers at Beaver Stadium, but an NHL game at Beaver Stadium is a million times cooler. It’s historic. Make it happen.


Jun 22

RIP Gman

[OS] –  After weeks of speculation, multiple sources have confirmed to Onward State that the Gingerbread Man will close its doors this summer to make way for the iconic Pittsburgh sandwich shop and bar franchise Primanti Bros. G-Man has fired most of its non-salaried staff and plans to close after Arts Fest, sources say. The decision to close is multifaceted; G-Man is currently operating on a conditional liquor license agreement due to its nine violations in five years. Three employees, including two board members of Hat Trick Group Inc., G-Man’s ownership group, have been convicted of harassment over the last several years for incidences involving bar patrons. Primantis had made multiple offers in the past to buy out the establishment, and it looks the money finally became worth more than the recent trouble.


Couldn’t have scripted a worse way for Gman to go out.  A sandwich shop from Pittsburgh?  And I’m not even one of those people that hates Pittsburgh with everything I have. But, what is incredibly annoying, is all of the Pittsburgh kids going nuts on social media like they just won some kind of war against Philly.   The “First Sheetz, now Primantis – 412 taking over State College” stuff is annoying as hell.  Taking pride in sandwich shops and gas stations… classic Pittsburgh.  Grow up, Peter Pan.

But anyway, back to Gman.  Selfishly, I’m a little excited that my class is the last class to fully be able to enjoy Gman in all of its $2 drinks/$3 dinner glory. The new dinner specials they had this year legitimately were the only reason I ate during senior week.  Sneaky the best deal in State College.  But that also means that I won’t be able to come back and crush mind erasers next year, which is devastating. (Side note – are mind erasers a real thing at other bars? Is that just a gman thing? I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone drink/order a mind eraser at any bar other than Gman)  Really just a horrible day all around and a HUGE blow to the State College bar scene.  I guess the Den and Pickles are the new go-to’s?  Who knows.

Be sure to take some time out of your day today and pour some out for our man Johnny Gingerbread.  For one last time, bring us home, Billy.



Jun 05

Harvard Had Facebook, Stanford Had SnapChat, Penn State Has Tag

More info here


May 27

Felt Guilty Not Posting This Video, One Of The All-Time Greats

Absolute FIRE. Just hits home, right?


Site UPDATE: Bare with us. We’re still working on things. Expect slow content this summer, but hopefully we’ll be fully revamped for the Fall semester because we’ve got a big one coming up.

PSU in Ireland in August, James Franklin, and C-Hack takes a giant leap and becomes one of college football’s best player.

Ps. If you don’t like Johnny Football I kinda don’t want you reading TSP….(just kidding we need the page views you can keep reading)




May 07

James Franklin Lands Two More 4 Stars, Including Another One Over Urb

B/RPut another one in the win column for Penn State on the recruiting path. An hour after landing 4-star offensive tackle Sterling Jenkins, the Nittany Lions picked up a pledge from coveted quarterback prospect Brandon Wimbush.

He also considered offers from Ohio State, Virginia Tech, LSU, Miami and Boston College. The Buckeyes, stuck at two total 2015 commitments, were widely viewed as the Nittany Lions’ leading contender.

By bringing Wimbush on board, James Franklin made it two-of-two in showdowns with Urban Meyer on Tuesday. Penn State and Ohio State were the only finalists for Jenkins, a Pittsburgh product who declared his intentions earlier in the evening.




First off, I know what you’re thinking. “What the hell is going on with TSP? Where have you guys been?”

We apologize. Busy times here at TSP, working on some of the business aspects of the website. It’s not easy taking a hiatus, so many things always going, so much to talk about.

Hence, I couldn’t resist posting this story. James Franklin is just dominating recruiting, as he said he would. Now ELEVEN 4 star recruits. The guy has more quarterbacks than he knows what to do with. Penn State can’t even compete for a conference championship or play in a bowl game, and Franklin STILL has managed to acquire the #2 2015 recruiting class in the country, making Ohio State and Urb look inferior. It’s astonishing. I don’t know how he’s doing this, and frankly, I don’t want to know.

It’s 2014. The name of the game is out recruit your opponents and win football games. Franklin has the first part of the equation down pat, no doubt about it.


Other stuff:

Penn State

Happy graduation, senior week, Mifflin Streak to all. Weirdest time of the year for senior, so much fun, but it’s the end of an era. You know this is it. It’s like Jeter on his farewell tour. Live it up and don’t ever sleep. You’ll regret it.


They’re not as bad as you think. NL East is weak, they just need to hang around, stay healthy, and get hot late.


No need to draft a WR in the first round. Have to improve defense. Eagles need to drive five defensive players and one receiver.

Ps. Hoping the Eagles land A-Rob so we can party with him in Philly.


Disappoint, but all this nonsense that G is overrated is ridiculous. Get out of my face with that stuff

NBA Playoffs

The Miami Heat are LOCKED IN. They might go 16-0. And LeBron is dominating the NBA and he’s making it look easy. It’s fascinating. If Miami wins the NBA title they would become only the 4th team in NBA history to reach four straight NBA finals and if they win it would be their third straight title. Appreciate greatness.

Ps. LeBron became the youngest player to 4,000 playoff points. On his way to becoming the GOAT, yes I said it.

Adriana Lima


Jessica Alba

Is back. Go look her up. She’s perfect again, my all-time number one forever and ever. I’m a loyal guy and she’s my girl.

Johnny Football

Is gonna break the internet soon. I can’t wait.


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