Sep 19

Video: New Lil’ Dicky ‘Lemme Freak’


Who’s Lil Dicky you ask? He’s a Jewish white rapper from Cheltenham, PA (near Northeast Philly) and he’s hilarious. Go YouTube his songs.


Sep 10

Big Ten Network Analyst Eric Crouch Says PSU Is B1G ‘Team To Beat’

BTNMichigan State as the team to beat in the Big Ten, despite the loss to Oregon?

Sell. MSU showed some large weaknesses in the secondary vs. Oregon. Connor Cook looked good, but it looks like Penn State may be the team to beat. 


Sing it!


We goin to da ship, whaaaa…


Sep 08




Ahhhh! What a day. What a glorious day.

You know when you lose your keys and then you find them? This is that feeling. It’s almost worth losing them because of the happiness the ensues when you actually find them. It’s like anything in life that you take for granted. Go three days without a shower, and your next shower will be unbelievable. Go two days without brushing your teeth, and you will be in toothpaste heaven.

Go two years without playing in a postseason game, and we’ll be starving for a B1G Championship.

Hey, Ohio State sucks without Braxton Miller. Michigan just flat out sucks. Michigan State is good, but whatever, Hack City Bitch. Hey, it could happen.

Sing it with me! We goin to the ship, whaaaaa


Ps. If you’re in class now you are hopeless. To THE BARS!


Sep 02

Franklin On Ficken: ‘He’s Had An Interesting Career’


1-0 bitchesssss. Really weird game though…


Remember this? Say no more. Ficken is a hero.




Kudos to young wideouts Geno Lewis and Daesean Hamilton. Showed a lot.

Penn State defense is rock solid as well.

However, O-line—question marks there.

Ps. Seems like Penn State ran the same eight offensive plays the entire game? Lacked creativity, didn’t go fast enough, that WR screen sucked, no RB screen passes, and where is Lynch?



Needs to work on throwing the ball away, admitting the play isn’t there. His confidence is booming, and he thinks he can make everything play, and throw into every tight window. That’s fine. He’ll learn and get better. But man, the dude is calm and cool in the pocket and throws the deep ball as beautiful in college as I’ve ever seen.

454 passing yards is a PSU record. And it’s only game one, in year two for this kid. Special is an under-statement.



Aug 29

Picture This: PSU Takes Over Dublin

psu pep rally

via @PSUEngineerx2


They say we’re a cult. We say, you’re just jealous you aren’t in it.


Aug 29




(deep breath)

7am wake up. Hammered by 7:30am. Cannot wait. Penn State is two-point underdogs too, might have to make a little wager.

Ps. Not sure the line about UCF being “ready for us” quite works, you know, since the whole they beat us last year thing, but either way…great promo.


Aug 27

Report: Penn State’s Bowl Ban Could Be Lifted Next Season

247SportsAccording to Sporting News’ Matt Hayes, two sources within the NCAA say if Penn State continues to “reach and go beyond” the recommendations laid out in the Freeh report, the Nittany Lions will have a “strong case” to get its bowl ban lifted next season.


Don’t tease me Matt Hayes. Do NOT tease me.


Aug 27

Penn State Football Team Has Landed In Dublin



You never know. Volcanoes and what not. Just happy to wake up to this tweet today. Now, let’s go to work. PSU football in four days. Hasn’t hit me yet.


Aug 25

James Franklin’s Daughter Just Won The Day



First thought, this is awesome. Second thought, why does Franklin have his little girl hitting blocking sleds? Seems kinda weird. Still awesome, but definitely kind of weird.

Instantly thought of:



Ps. Football less than a week away #HackCityBitch


Aug 22

Move In Weekend At Penn State In One Picture

move in

Photo via @KevinHornePSU


Wrong way on Beaver like it ain’t no thang. Gotta love.


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