Nov 20

If I Didn’t Blow The Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer, I Wouldn’t Be Able To Sleep At Night


PITCH PERFECT 2. Stand up.

I know TSP has been lack-luster of late, but if I didn’t post this trailer, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Pitch Perfect is the greatest chick-flick, “re-watch” movie, ever. Seriously. There’s no other movie that captivates the people like Pitch Perfect. When it’s on you watch. Doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen it, you have to watch it. We actually had a pre game with five dudes once where we just watched Pitch Perfect.

The only other movies that might compete as better “Re-watch” movies is Remember The Titans, Wedding Crashers, Old School, and Blue Streak. Unarguably, Pitch Perfect is in the top-five.

Ps. The Anna Kendrick hot-or-not debate is ridiculous. AK is sneaky cute. Love her look and everything she represents.



Ppps. They should definitely call her “Fat Amy-Patricia” in the sequel.

Pppps. Clay Matthews for the win



Nov 11

We Officially Welcome You To The Sanchize Era


Mark Sanchez era in Philadelphia? Those words are almost unfathomable, but there’s one guy that makes it possible: Chip MOTHER F’IN Kelly.

The dude is a monster.

17-8 in his first 25 NFL regular season, 14-3 in his last 17, and on a current nine game home winning streak.

In Sanchez’s first game under Chip he had only his SECOND career 300-yard / 100+ QB rating game.

Chip is the man. Wouldn’t want any other coach, in any sport.

Carolina Panthers v Philadelphia Eagles


Nov 07

Wahlberg On Entourage Movie: ‘Gonna Be A Monster Hit’

Entourage stuff starts around 2:50 mark


“It pushes the envelope, but it has everything that show encompass. It’s got heart, emotion, all the guys have a great story, and of course you have all the eye candy.

“It’s gonna be a monster hit…people just flipped for it.”

“Hopefully, there will be room to do a couple of different movies.”


Nov 07

How Bad Is Marvin Lewis?


Marvin Lewis

It’s my annual Marvin Lewis rant.

I don’t know why, but I’ve kinda always liked the Bengals. I like their players, for the most part. A.J. Green, now Gio Bernard and Jeremy Hill, Geno Atkins on defense, and obviously Penn Stater Devon Still (we’ll get to that later).

Andy Dalton sucks. Fine. But they have talent. They’ve won the AFC North three times (’05, ’09, ’13) and reached the playoffs FIVE times (’05, ’09, ’11, ’12, ’13) under Marvin Lewis, but ZERO playoff wins.

The dude is 0-5 in the playoffs. And they keep bringing him back.

Their offense is grossly vanilla. It made me want to puke watching that game last night. Yes, of course, Dalton was putrid—like one of the worst QB performances you’ll ever see, and probably the worst performance by a $100 million player ever…of all-time…in any sport…but the way Lewis called that game was equally glaring to me.

Can you imagine Chip Kelly with those weapons?

I just feel bad for Bengals fans and had to get that off my chest…and also, Cincy -7! What a sucker bet. What idiot would fall for that?




Leah Still




I mean, what is there even to say about this? Devon Still went to Penn State. Leah Still is being treated at Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia (CHOP). This story hits so close to home for us at TSP. Plus, it has THON related ties obviously, and has captivated the NFL.

To say I’m following this with a heavy heart is an understatement.







Penn State -7??



Not that I like to gamble or bet football games, but if I did, which you shouldn’t because it’s incredibly difficult and you always lose money, which is why I don’t, but again if I did stupidly decided to finagle with some football bets, AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE? Penn State MINUS a TD? In what world?

Penn Sate shouldn’t be giving seven points to anybody, let alone to a decent conference opponent on the road. Can Penn State even score seven points? Because I’m not sure.

Ps. Line probably tells you PSU wins big. That’s how it works. Vegas know. But I don’t gamble, so that’s none of my business.

Pps. Are people even planning on watching this game? I have zero excitement about this game. Think I’m gonna go shopping (Friends and Family discount at Banana Republic!!) instead.


That’s all I got. See, I’m trying guys!

Have a good weekend. Oh, the ’12 TSP boys will be in Happy Valley for the Temple game if anyone wants to meet us at G-Man Friday night. Yes, I know G-Man closed down, but I’ll still be there hanging outside because frankly, what other bar can alumni go to? Seriously, the PSU bar scene is kind of grim, especially for alumnus.

If you’re not a student, you can’t really go to Indigo or the Den. Cafe is boring and too crowded and not fun when the weather isn’t nice (same with Mad Mex) and the Phryst and the Gaff are way too crowded (you have to be blacked out).

Therefore, I’ll be at the building that used to be called G-Man still, singing Piano Man. See ya there.


Nov 04

Explaining TSP’s Silence



Hey guys, it’s good to be back. I know, I know, you’re lost without us. The amount of emails, texts, and tweets we’ve been getting asking us for advice or where we’ve been has been very humbling.



I won’t bore you with all the tweets. There’s thousands.

Ahlby’s blog about Penn State football and the reaction, got me thinking.



(Side bar: Kinda disagree with the preface of his blog that he loves James Franklin. I don’t feel any sense of love at all. Franklin is a salesman. A recruiter. Better go find an offensive coordinator. And I miss Bill O’Brien. Agree with all the criticism, you don’t need the preface. Be BOLD.

And what the hell is going on with Hack? We can blame the coaching, the offensive line, whatever, and make no misake—no one has been a bigger Hack supporter than me (I mean I made Hack City shirts and sold them!), but the dude is stinkin’ up the joint. What the hell is going on? All the tools, but does he have the desire to be great? I mean, truly great. Does he have the work ethic? Eh, I’m wavering for the first time ever.)


(Double side bar: The Maryland handshake thing is so overblown it cracks me up. Are you guys really pissed that the Maryland players didn’t shake our players’ hands? Ha. Really? Yeah, it’s incredibly babyish and disrespectful of them, obviously, but I love it. I’m totally fine with it, as a FAN.

That builds rivalry and now we have a legitimate reason to hate Maryland and hating other schools is fun. People want those Maryland players suspended and the program to be penalized? For what? Three players didn’t shake hands during the coin toss? What world am I living in? It’s a rule you have to shake hands?

Are those Maryland players absolute clowns and scum for not shaking hands? Of course. But who really cares? Shoulda went out there and beat them and we didn’t.)


Anyway, Ahlby’s blog spurred some reaction about TSP and people want answers.

I’m not in college anymore, God I wish I was, but I’m not. I’m running another sports website (shameless plug) working at 94WIP and I love it.

I don’t get to talk about the same things I did on TSP and that’s hard. I miss serving the PSU community. I miss it all. Ugh, it sickens me reading all the boring articles you guys are forced to read on a daily basis.

Nothing fun, nothing excited, nothing funny. The importance of TSP is more evident than ever.



(Triple side bar: Chip Kelly is the man. How good is he? Just plugs in Mark Sanchez at QB, boom—200 yards 2 TDs. The QB situation is fascinating, long-term I mean, and I can’t wait to see what happens. Sanchez is only 27, he’s not the guy. Foles is 25, he’s not the guy, and we’re gonna find that out when Sanchez wins games. They won’t be able to draft Mariota, so he’s not the guy. Who the heck is the guy? We need a QB.

Ps. What if Hack left after next season and Chip drafted him? Foles is under contract for 2015, then that’s it. It could happen, eh?)


So yeah, that’s all I got.

If you think you can blog and be dedicated and update TSP every day, and you’re funny, and a Philly sports guy, and go to MAIN CAMPUS, and are able to work for free for amazing resume experience and a ton of fame and popularity, and like to side, semi-respectful jabs at Onward State, hit us up –


If you have money and want to buy us out, we’ll listen as well.


If you got nothing, I hope you enjoyed this blog. I’ll try to write a little more, but its’ just grueling. The blogging life ain’t no joke. So help me out.


Pppps – Is State Patty’s Day dead yet or is that gonna happen again?


Nov 03

Coming out of blogging retirement to talk PSU football and this offense under James Franklin/John Donovan

I want to preface this blog with I love James Franklin and where this program is headed long term.  He’s the right guy for the job and I firmly believe that in a few years we will be back at the top competing for B1G championships and even the college football playoff.  But I’m not writing this to talk about how great we are going to be 3 years from now.  I’m writing this based on right now. 2014. And the horrible regression we’ve seen in this offense under James Franklin/John Donovan.

I get that the offensive line sucks.  I get that Hack and the receiving group is young.  I get that this is a new offense.  I get all that but this offense has been beyond horrible and there has been no progression.  There has been a regression.  Penn State’s offense ended last year with there best game of the season in a statement win in Madison against the Badgers and even started the 2014 season with an impressive showing against UCF.  The measure of a good coach in my opinion is getting the most out of whatever you have.  No one did that better than Bill O’Brien on offense last year and no one is doing it better on defense this year than Bob Shoop.  Both guys have got/get the most out of every guy on their unit and tailor their system to their player’s strengths.  If John Donovan, James Frankin, Ricky Rahne, Herb Hand, etc. could just do 50% of that on offense Penn State would be at the very worst a 6-2 team right now.

Franklin in 2014

Franklin has been playing not to lose rather than playing to win and that was shown at the end of the Maryland game when he decided to run the ball 3 times at the end of the game.  How do you not try and throw the ball for a first down.  You can’t run the ball (41 rushes for 42 yards), your punter can’t hit the ball further than 35 yards, so now all Maryland needs to do is go about 20 yards to get in field goal range.  Unacceptable.  Franklins comment, “the book says you run the ball 3 times to keep the clock running” was even more outrageous.  Don’t give me “by the book” when we’re going for a 4th and 1 from our own 35 in the first quarter.  This offensive coaching staff has no grasp for the game.  No feel for how to call the game.  No swagger about how they are calling the game.  That needs to change.

The play calling

Like I said earlier, I know it’s hard to call a game when you can’t run the ball and don’t have an offensive line.  I get that, but there are ways around it.  Chip Kelly found a way with the Eagles.  Teams across the country have injuries and O-line problems and they find a way around it.  That’s what good coaches do.  We’ve seen it a bit more as of late but spread it out and go to a Green Bay Packers type of offense with a lot of slants, up tempo, 5 receiver sets.  Get mismatches.  Get TE’s flanked wide.  Get Belton in the slot on a linebacker.  Spread the offense out, and give Christian Hackenberg the reins to the offense.  Let him dissect the defense at the line and find those mismatches.  I’ve been saying it all year. In the redzone you have a guy in Jesse James who is 6’7. An absolute beast.  Put him outside and let him win a jump ball.  We FINALLY see that and what do you know?  A TOUCHDOWN!!! Shocking.  How that took them 8 games to figure that out is beyond me.

Two main things that really piss me off about this offense

First, why do we huddle every damn play?  Hack gets the signal from the backup qbs, gets Then he gets to the line with 10 seconds because it took 25 seconds for John Donovan to get him the play call and by then he has no time to read the defense and make adjustments at the line.  Why not take a step out of the process and have each position coach signal to their respective positions the play at the same time the backup QB is signaling the call to hack?  Probably because that would make way too much sense.  The rare times we did go to the NASCAR this past Saturday it’s as if our offensive staff was too incompetent to call a different play so they decided to call the EXACT same play and the defense dropped us for a loss every time.  It’s like we are still playing offense in the 1950s.  Does anyone even huddle anymore?  It’s fuckin 2014, bro.  Spread that shit out and give me the NASCAR!!!

Second, the wildcat: let’s take a look at James Franklins reasoning for the wildcat. “when you have a qb that does not run and you call a running play you are essentially playing 10 on 11.  When you split the QB out wide now you are playing 10 on 10.”  That’s true but you know what else is true?  When you don’t have someone that can throw the ball now the defense knows that you are going to run the ball!  So not only do they know that you’re going to run the ball, but it also takes the ball out of your best players hands.  Maybe he’s just handing the ball off, but the defense still has to prepare as if he might throw the ball.  So what do you say we don’t use or hear the word wildcat ever again, k?

I need more of the Chip Kelly attitude from Franklin and this offensive staff.


Chip loves the idea of the QB being able to run and so does James Franklin but you don’t see Chip Kelly splitting Nick Foles out wide at WR in the wildcat or asking him to run the ball.  Christian Hackenberg is our QB.  He’s a damn good one with the talent and mental makeup that only come around so often.  Take a page out of Bill Belechick, Chip Kelly, Bill O’Brien, Bob Shoop, and find a way to get the most out of what you have.  You have the cornerstone in Christian Hackenberg.  Figure it out.

Ps. In case you didn’t hear it enough this weekend:


Sep 19

Video: New Lil’ Dicky ‘Lemme Freak’


Who’s Lil Dicky you ask? He’s a Jewish white rapper from Cheltenham, PA (near Northeast Philly) and he’s hilarious. Go YouTube his songs.


Sep 10

Big Ten Network Analyst Eric Crouch Says PSU Is B1G ‘Team To Beat’

BTNMichigan State as the team to beat in the Big Ten, despite the loss to Oregon?

Sell. MSU showed some large weaknesses in the secondary vs. Oregon. Connor Cook looked good, but it looks like Penn State may be the team to beat. 


Sing it!


We goin to da ship, whaaaa…


Sep 08




Ahhhh! What a day. What a glorious day.

You know when you lose your keys and then you find them? This is that feeling. It’s almost worth losing them because of the happiness the ensues when you actually find them. It’s like anything in life that you take for granted. Go three days without a shower, and your next shower will be unbelievable. Go two days without brushing your teeth, and you will be in toothpaste heaven.

Go two years without playing in a postseason game, and we’ll be starving for a B1G Championship.

Hey, Ohio State sucks without Braxton Miller. Michigan just flat out sucks. Michigan State is good, but whatever, Hack City Bitch. Hey, it could happen.

Sing it with me! We goin to the ship, whaaaaa


Ps. If you’re in class now you are hopeless. To THE BARS!


Sep 02

Franklin On Ficken: ‘He’s Had An Interesting Career’


1-0 bitchesssss. Really weird game though…


Remember this? Say no more. Ficken is a hero.




Kudos to young wideouts Geno Lewis and Daesean Hamilton. Showed a lot.

Penn State defense is rock solid as well.

However, O-line—question marks there.

Ps. Seems like Penn State ran the same eight offensive plays the entire game? Lacked creativity, didn’t go fast enough, that WR screen sucked, no RB screen passes, and where is Lynch?



Needs to work on throwing the ball away, admitting the play isn’t there. His confidence is booming, and he thinks he can make everything play, and throw into every tight window. That’s fine. He’ll learn and get better. But man, the dude is calm and cool in the pocket and throws the deep ball as beautiful in college as I’ve ever seen.

454 passing yards is a PSU record. And it’s only game one, in year two for this kid. Special is an under-statement.



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