Apr 30

Checking in on the Ex: Andy Reid is Making Fat Jokes About Himself in KC

[ArrowheadPride“You know what, over on the Plaza [in Kansas City] there’s a Tommy Bahama shop,” Reid told The Program’s Soren Petro on Monday. “There’s a lady over there who took care of me, the manager of the store over there. She heard the story about the Tommy Bahama shirts and she sent that one over to me without any fanfare or anything. I appreciated that.”

“Normally I wear that on the second day but I donned it on the first day. The other shirts I had, I had the red Tommy Bahama all lined up and ready to go before that one came over for the second day, so I wore that one the second day. The third day I went kind of plain, I went with the black Tommy Bahama.”

“Soren, if you and I keep this up we might get a deal with Tommy Bahama doggone it. We might get a discount card. I didn’t think about this but we’re giving them a pretty good plug right here.”

And for the money line: “You wear them and you can hide cheeseburgers underneath and no one will ever know.”

reid reid2 reid3

Oh, Andy. Some things never change. Same dude, same size, same clock management, same Big Red.

It’s good to see our ex didn’t get really hot. I hate when that happens. Like you break up with a girl and she starts working out like crazy and three weeks later looks unreal and is banging guys left and right. Andy is just being Andy. Same old fat guy who can’t manage his timeouts properly.


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