Mar 26

Wait, This “Winning Cures Everything” Tiger Ad is Controversial? In What World?

[CBSSports] Nike released this ad shortly after Tiger Woods won the Arnold Palmer Invitational and re-ascended to the No. 1 ranking in the world on Monday.

Some people found the ad to be a bit — controversial.


2013, where literally everything is controversial and/or offends someone.

Are people serious about this being controversial? Show me those people. That is actually a factual statement. It’s like making an ad that says cookies, or boobs (first two things that came to mind?), are good. No one ever said cookies, or boobs, are bad. Ever. Your elementary school teach would say those are opinions, but in reality, they’re facts. If you don’t like cookies you are allergic to chocolate and literally everyone likes boobs. Even gay guys like boobs. Boobs are just fun.

Anyway, Tiger is living proof that “winning takes care of everything”. He’s winning, people are rooting for him, and he’s on top of the world again.


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