Feb 26

I Want Dee Milliner


OK, I’ve been advocating this for days now, and today I’m putting it on paper because he just ran a 4.31, 40.

  • You say shoulder surgery, I say so what? It’s a torn labrum, he’ll recover in two months. It’s not a nagging injury.
  • You say, too early to draft a CB at #4, not an impact position—I disagree. If he’s a shut-down corner and the best player available, you take him. He’ll go 11th, and we’ll look back on this in 3 years and say, ‘We could have had Dee Milliner.’
  • Also, Detroit likes him a lot and they have the 5th pick.
  • Not to mention, the Eagles could use a dominate corner (see: Asomugha, Nnamdi).
  • This was his “WEAKNESSES” listed on CBSSportsLacks elite speed and quick-twitch ability.  I say:


Milliner just screams, the prototypical player you try to find excuses not to draft because you don’t have the balls to do it, and he turns out to be a multiple-pro bowler and impact player at his position for years to come.

UPDATE: Maybe it was actually a 4.29:



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  1. Jake

    To bad he dropped almost every INT during the drills we need playmakers on this team not guys that can’t catch the football.

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