Feb 22

Bryzgalov on WIP Today: I Feel Exhausted


“I don’t know like, I just wake up in the morning today and like think about what happened last night, and I realized watching the schedule, oh my God. For 30 days—like 31 days we played 19 games. 19. It’s a lot. Usually during the normal season you play like a maximum amount of full month games, like 15. That’s a four game difference and 12 of them were played on the road. I feel like exhausted, and I’m pretty sure my team feels the same way because it’s a crazy schedule. Lots of travel, lots of games, lots of back-to-back games and sometimes it’s just tough to find the energy and emotions to play some games, even when you know it’s a very important game, but nothing is left inside you because you need some time to regroup.”

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