Feb 21

We Repose Professor Randy Woolridge’s SPD Poll Question He Asked Today in Class


Woolridge…bro status. I’d bet my left testicle that “Party Like a Rock Star” won the poll.

Let’s repose the question for you guys to save me a testicle:

Obviously #1, right? I mean choice #2 comes with choice #1. Clearly you are going to be hanging with friends if you are partying like a rock star. #3 and #5 make no sense to me at all. Not sure which is worse. Actually think going bowling on SPD is more weird than studying, but seriously anyone who is studying Finance 301 on SPD, let alone any Saturday, just doesn’t get the meaning of life. And not sure what #4 means. Guess that’s for the people who hate SPD?

Thanks to Ryan for the heads up on Twitter.


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  1. TS

    I’m pretty sure the bowling alley out by WalMart has a bar in it and is not included in the list to be closed. Drinking and bowling is awesome.

    1. D

      ^^^^ this is why PSU students are the best. Fantastic thinking

  2. Sam

    Woolridge told us he ran in the Phi Psi 500 when we were taking the poll hahah his time was like 7:30

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