Feb 19

Rumors Stirring About State College Liquor Stores Closing Tomorrow; Crazy Lines Formed Tonight!

So there were rumors swirling around about the possibility of liquor stores closing early this week, preventing people from buying liquor over the weekend for State Patty’s Day. We’re not sure when the liquor stores or closing, or if the rumors are true. Frankly, I don’t think the liquor stores themselves know what they should do right now. All hell is breaking lose in State College! Pets heads are falling off!

Cue…crazy lines at liquor stores in State College tonight:


Holy shit. That’s the line at a liquor store on Tuesday night, as people stock up for Saturday. 


Jameson flying off the shelves! Woo! Bet the borough didn’t want that response.




One can only wonder, are people that are “stocked up” going to start selling some of their alcohol, essentially creating a black market? A yo, borough, good work.


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  1. Justin

    Well that’s one good rumor if you need to get rid of inventory and want to know what people are drinking

  2. DC

    getting the bars closed was the best move the liquor board ever made. after all, they own wine and sprits.

  3. Joe

    I just called the liquor store….like they have phones. the guy said they are closing at 6 on friday and saturday. so the liquor stores are closing early as in before 9, but people misunderstood that and took it as they were closing on thursday or some shit. they stand to have their biggest weekend make’s no sense that they would close up shop for a couple days

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