Feb 19

Guy Steals $55,000 in Chips From Parx

[6ABCBENSALEM, Pa. – February 19, 2013 (WPVI) – Pennsylvania State Police are searching for a suspect who stole $55,000 in casino chips. The incident took place Tuesday afternoon at Parx Casino in Bensalem.

Police say the male suspect was playing at a table game, grabbed the chips, and fled the casino. There is no further description of the suspect at this time.

A casino representative tells Action News the entire incident was caught on surveillance cameras.

parxYou gots to be kidding me? $55,000 in chips? How is that even possible? He was just “playing a table game, grabbed the chips, and fled the casino”? Say what? How do you just “grab” $55,000 worth of chips and just walk out? I go to Parx fairly often and I have trouble seeing this take place. I can’t wrap my head around it. $55,000 in chips? That’s a lot of money. I need to see that surveillance tape now.

Ps. I’m not totally convinced this wasn’t a genius marketing ploy, and Parx plotted this whole thing just to get the publicity and get on TSP. It’s 2013. Any press is good press.


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