Feb 08

Sixers Guard Evan Turner Is Apparently On Tinder


Loyal TSP’er Lauren found this gem on tinder yesterday.  Assuming this is the real ET, it’s absolutely awesome.  I respect the hell out of Evan Turner for this move, too.  What better/easier way to hook up with the hottest chicks within a 10 mile radius of your location?  Evan can literally just get drunk, sit on his couch, and basically hand-pick who he wants to drive over to his house and bang him.  It’s that easy.  Awesome life.

Update (1:29 pm) - According to Sixers PR guy Michael Preston, it’s not Evan.

From: ”Preston, Michael”
Date: February 8, 2013, 1:15:28 PM EST
To: ”theschoolphilly@gmail.com” <theschoolphilly@gmail.com>
Subject: Evan Turner

I hope this finds you well.
In regard to your tweet regarding Evan Turner being on Tinder, I just wanted to let you know that information is not true or accurate.
All the best,

- Sent from iPhone -

Michael Preston
Philadelphia 76ers
Director, Public Relations

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