Feb 08

Penn State Researches Discover Way To Make Cancer Commit Suicide Like Bosses

[GizmodoA team of researchers has identified a single molecule, called TIC10, that kick-starts the body’s tumor-destroying systems—causing a chain reaction that can kill cancer dead.  In a series of experiments in mice the researchers, from Pennsylvania State University, found that TIC10 activities the gene for a protein called TRAIL—that’s short for tumour-necrosis-factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand—which causes cancerous cells to commit suicide. Wafik El-Deiry, one of the researchers explains:

“TRAIL is a part of our immune system: all of us with functional immune systems use this molecule to keep tumours from forming or spreading, so boosting this will not be as toxic as chemotherapy.”

A series of experiments provided evidence that TIC10 works on a wide range of tumors, including breast, lymphatic, colon and lung cancer. While the TRAIL protein has been targeted in the past, it’s never been exploited as successfully—something the researchers put down to the small size of the molecule TIC10. There’s a hidden benefit, too, because TIC10 seems to cause healthy cells to join in the fight, too



Do we have a culture problem or do we have a freakin’ culture problem?  Can’t believe Penn State.  Making cancer commit suicide and shit.  Just despicable.

In all seriousness though, I really have no idea what anything in the article means (I’m an accounting major, all I can do is debits and credits), but it sounds absolutely awesome.  Kudos to everyone on the project.

Oh and THON is a week away.  Penn State literally putting the battle to knockout cancer on it’s back.

S/O Chris on twitter for the heads up


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