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Jeff Sharp’s New Role: Help Me, Help You

[SmealAfter 23 years as a Penn State Smeal College of Business faculty member, Sharp stepped into his new administrative role on Jan. 1. His responsibilities include student enhancement, engagement, and enrichment, as well as curriculum and student records and educational programs.

“In simple terms, my job is to uphold and increase the value and honor of a Smeal College degree,” says Sharp. “I want to continue letting our students be the stars, and to support (Dean) Chuck Whiteman’s leadership and vision for the college.”

Sharp sees an important aspect of his position as that of a facilitator, connecting faculty, students, and advisors while promoting all aspects of undergraduate academic life from curriculum to graduation.

The most basic component of a great undergraduate program is a solid curriculum taught by top-notch faculty—and Smeal certainly has that, according to Sharp: “If you look at how well our students are placed after graduation, the college’s success speaks for itself,” he says.


You wanna talk about TSP’s favorite PSU professors, you gotta put Jeff Sharp right near the top, if not the top of the list. Frank Clemente and Sam Richards would probably give Sharp a run for his money…just saying. Any who, Sharp’s new job, is basically helping you continue to be great. So basically, let’s say you have a great day. You crush an exam, bang a girl, and get hammered one night, for example, and you want to talk about it, Sharp’s your guy. That’s it. Sharp will tell you, you’re the man, and boom, you walk out feeling great.

On the other hand, you’re having a bad day, Sharp’s still your guy. Can’t find weed? Sharp. Not 21 and need alcohol? Sharp. Your roommate pissed on you? Sharp. Need a slump buster? Sharp. Not sure how much to bet on the game tonight on SportsBetting.ag? Sharp.

It’s that simple people. Sharp is changing the game.

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