Feb 06

Is Tinder The Best Or Worst Thing Ever?



So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 2 weeks, odds are you’ve downloaded the tinder app and have already creeped on countless Penn Staters.  (If you haven’t, download it immediately.  Seriously.  Even if it is the worst thing ever, you still need to check it out.)  Like everyone, I was real hype on tinder when it first came out.  It was awesome.  Creeped on everyone, got a few matches, it was great.  But I was thinking about it this weekend – is tinder the best thing ever?  Or is it really not that sweet and potentially the worst thing ever?  Here’s my reasoning:

  1. Odds are, you don’t have a 100% accurate portrayal of how hot you actually are -  I thought I was killing it on tinder until me and my buddy were comparing tindjawns and I realized that he was scrolling a lot longer than I was when comparing matches.  Literally kid scrolled so long it was disgusting.  Here I am, sitting there like a boss with my 25 matches at the time thinking I’m the tits, and this kid must have had upwards of 100.  Not even kidding.  Yeah, it brought my ego down for a little bit I’m not gonna lie, but I’m good with it now.  I realized that some people are born with a natural ability to take great Facebook pictures.  Others write blogs and are hung like a horse.  It’s a give-and-take.  No one’s perfect. I’m still shocked that I tricked that many people into liking my pictures.  Which brings me to my next point…
  2. Everyone looks way better in their tinder pictures than they do in real life – Everyone’s on tinder now.  So obviously you’re going to see people that you know from around campus on the app.  You know what these girls look like, and it isn’t what’s coming up on their pictures.  This obviously isn’t a new phenomenon because Facebook has been around forever, but tinder allows these Facebook Deceptors to thrive to their fullest extent.  Girls who wouldn’t have anyone talk to them in a real situation are probably sitting pretty with tons of matches, essentially catfishing their way into having some drunk dude show up at their apartment at 3 am.  It’s scary.   
  3. No one actually hooks up through tinder – I literally have not heard of one person who has actually hooked up with one of their matches.  Not one.  Not even my buddy who scrolls forever through his.  People are just using the app basically as an ego boost (or letdown – see above) to see whether or not people think they’re hot.  Now, again, maybe I’m wrong.  I clearly don’t have the tinder game that some people have, so maybe there really is this underground world of tinder sluts that I’m just missing out on.  Which would be absolutely devastating because that sounds like a really good time.

So, in conclusion, I’m thinking that tinder definitely isn’t all that I thought it was going to be in the beginning.  That being said – Have I used tinder yet today?  Yes.  Will I still continue to use it on a regular basis?  Absolutely.  Just not with as much enthusiasm as I used it with in the past…. until I get a few drinks in me.  Then it goes back to being the best app of all-time.


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  1. GoGoddG

    It’s not that you don’t have “Tinder game”. It’s that you’re a disgusting dog that noone wants to do anything with other than shoot in the face with a .45 caliber.

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