Feb 02

VIDEO: Who Does Caron Butler Think He Is?

Talk about bush league. Snake move by Caron there, but what made me angrier was the way the Raptors basically freaked out like it was a one possession game or something. Why did they foul him and try to play defense? They were up 27 points. Let him go, he’s the one that looks like a douchebag.

Also, why were Butler’s teammates giving him high-five? And don’t give me the old, he was ‘playing until the final whistle’ garbage. It wasn’t like Butler was playing hard defense late in the game. He snaked the guy, shook his hand, and stole the ball, for what? A last-second basket to pad his stats? Should be suspended, fined, the whole nine yards. That snake move Butler pulled is equivalent to getting caught smoking marijuana.


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