Feb 01

So Many Thoughts Running Through My Mind After Watching this GoDaddy Commercial

1. They did 65 takes.

2. That means Bar Rafaeli had to kiss makeout suck face with eat the face of that schmo 65 times.

3. What a phenomenal commercial. GoDaddy always brings their A-game for SB commercials.

4. That schmo kind of reminds me a young me in my Penn State hay day. I mean, obviously I wasn’t as nerdy looking as that kid and I didn’t make out with girls that looked quite like Bar Rafaeli (who did), but it’s pretty damn close. It’s all about the website swag, right ladies? 2013 people.

5. 65 takes? Seriously? Did GoDaddy pay that guy? I can’t imagine what they paid Bar, but him? I’m assuming it must have cost him at least $10 a take, as in he paid Bar Rafaeli $10 per take, I mean kiss, I mean eating face sesh.


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  1. Ray

    Kid was on Entourage, ditched Drama for Vanessa Angel at the pool…

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