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Q & A With Penn State Run-on QB Jack Seymour

Here is a Q & A with QB Jack Seymour, a kid that turned down multiple Division I scholarship offers to run-on at Penn State. Signing day is Monday and what a year it has been for Penn State recruiting. After the sanctions, I don’t think there could have been one person that predicted Penn State to have a top 25 recruiting class and guys turning down scholarships to run-on at Penn State.


Q: You turned down scholarship offers from Ball State and Western Michigan. Who else was interested and what was the main reason you chose to “run-on” at Penn State? Who was your main recruiter? Are there any connections to PSU? Family, friends, coaches, etc?  

A: Ball State, Western Michigan, and Southern Illinois all offered but that wasn’t my only interest. I had a lot of interest from IU, Miami of Ohio, a lot of the other MAC schools. They were basically saying if you show the interest that you’ll commit then we’ll offer you. Some of the bigger schools that also had some interest were NC State over the summer and Tennessee. With the MAC schools and the offers I had there, I didn’t take that because I was looking for a little more out of the perfect fit for me, with the education and the football. So obviously, with Penn State, it’s the best you can possibly get. The best football and a world class education.

My main recruiter was QB coach Charlie Fisher and I do not have any connections to Penn State. Coach Fisher saw my film because my QB coach here sent him my film. I owe all the success I have to him, he’s been my QB coach since I was in 7th grade. So that was really the only connection to me ending up at Penn State.

Q: What do you plan to major in?

A: Business. I’m not exactly sure what discipline just yet, but definitely business. From what I understand Penn State has a phenomenal business school. When we visited it, it was so nice and new and it was just the right fit.

Q: What is your relationship with Bill O’Brien? How much of a factor was he in your decision? Did Matt McGloin winning the Burslworth Award (walk-on player of the year) play a factor in your decision/O’Brien’s pitch to have you come “run-on” at Penn State?

A: I only managed to speak to Coach O’Brien briefly for like ten or fifteen minutes, when he offered me the preferred run-on spot. But I was definitely able to get to know him. He’s just such a great guy. Just the way he presents himself. He’s funny. He’s very personable and easy to talk to. He’s truthful and overall just a great coach and there’s no one else throughout college sports that I can get the same coaching from. Everything was just the perfect fit with Coach O’Brien.

He pitched McGloin winning the Burlsworth award a little bit, he was kinda saying how it doesn’t really if you’re a run-on or scholarship guy, it doesn’t matter. He explained, if you’re going to put in the work like he did, scholarship or no scholarship, he’s going to play the best guy. He talked about how McGloin beat out three scholarship guys to earn the starting job. It really motivated me even more hearing that.

Q: I’m guessing he mentioned some guy named Tom Brady a few times?

(Laughs) Yes, it was funny I was telling him about my QB coach and how long I’ve been working with him and I said something like “Yeah, my QB coach is really good, I’ll probably be working with him all summer,” and he goes, “With all do respect, I’m a pretty good QB coach myself.”

Q: It seems like the “run-on” program is coming on pretty strong, have you begun to develop a relationship with some of those guys? I noticed Adam Breneman tweeted to you. Have you begun to develop a relationship with some of the scholarship guys well?

A little bit, just through twitter, a lot of follow requests from guys on the team, just that kind of stuff. Breneman has tweeted me a few times, just very encouraging and welcoming. Saying things like, “welcome to the family”. I’m just very eager and excited to meet everybody and start lifting.

Q: At the “run-on” day the staff held the other weekend, did you get the impression there would be a lot of guys pledging their commitment to “run-on” at Penn State following that visit?

I wasn’t exactly sure how many other guys were, but I definitely felt just being there, that guys wanted to run-on at Penn State over other options. I think guys definitely want to come here and make a difference and that’s what I want to do too.

Q: Finally, a quick, fun question for you: As I’m sure you noticed on your visit, Penn State has some beautiful women. Word on the street is Brenemans’ been on a tear with the ladies since he enrolled early, so rolling with him on a Saturday night might be the way to go. Anyways, are you a blonde or brunette kind of guy? Do you have a girlfriend?

(Laughs) Oh I’m sure. I see all of his tweets, retweets that he gets. I already noticed. I do have a girlfriend though, who has one more year of high school. She’ll be going to school somewhere in Pennsylvania I believe, not sure where yet, but I’m definitely committed to her.

Reaction: From speaking with Jack, he is a very intelligent and overall a great kid. Penn State is getting intelligent, hard-working guys that really want to make a difference as a run-on. I’m not sure if they are getting more talented guys than they have in the past or if it just seems that way because it’s being publicized so much. The one difference I do believe is that Bill O’Brien will get every ounce of talent he can out of these kids.

Ps. For more information on all of the recruiting stuff, follow our friend Ryan Snyder @BWISnyder.


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