Nov 01

Tim Tebow Likes Ohio State Now

[OHIO] – Urban Meyer has just the guy to help take Braxton Miller to the next level as a quarterback.  Tim Tebow, Meyer’s former quarterback at Florida, already has talked with Miller, Meyer’s current quarterback at Ohio State, on the phone a bit and exchanged some texts. Tebow has enough interest in the Buckeyes that he was tracking Ohio State’s game against Purdue two weeks ago as his New York Jets team headed to the airport and then boarded their flight to New England.  “I was pretty nervous,” Tebow told The Plain Dealer in an exclusive phone interview Friday. “We were literally taking off as they were about to score and then go for the two-point conversion, so I didn’t know until we landed that they won. So it was pretty cool. And I guess as hard as it is for me to say, I am a pretty big fan now of The Ohio State University.”  “I think I got him a shirt,” Meyer said with a smile.

It’s hard enough to beat Ohio State as it is, let alone now that they have Jesus Tim Tebow on their side.  No wonder Braxton Miller had the game of his life last week.  I try so hard to hate Tebow, but I just can’t bring myself to do it because I know that even if I hated him, he would still love me anyway.  Which would make me hate him even more.  And then he would love me even more.  So, I just choose to not go down that road and remain indifferent on the guy.

But what happened to loyalty in this country?!  We have Ray Allen running around in a Heat uniform, Tim Tebow cheering for the Buckeyes (I don’t care if that’s where Meyer coaches now… he went to Florida), and Chris Christie giving Obama twitter-love the week before the election.  This country is all sorts of backwards.

PS – Yes, it’s a slow news day.


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