Aug 13

2012 Ladies and Gents: “Texting Thumb” is Now a Disease

[CBSPhilly] PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you’re an active cell phone user, you may be developing a growing health condition: texting thumb.

According to Jefferson University Hospital, texting thumb—a form of tendinitis in the thumbs—is one of the most common ailments seen by hand specialists today.

Dr. Eon Shin, a Jefferson orthopedic surgeon, says the increasing use of cell phones and computers have led to the overuse of our hands and wrists, leading to a rise in “techno-injuries,” especially among gen-Xers.

Fortunately, texting thumb can be treated fairly simply.

According to Dr. Shin, most people with texting thumb can treat it with simple rest or physical therapy.

Seriously though? “Texting thumb”? What a bull shit disease. People are just making shit up now. That’s what is happening. 2012, and people just making up diseases, saying “caused by technology”. Fuck outahere. If the cure for a disease is “simple rest” then it isn’t a disease as far as I’m concerned. Like a tired thumb is gonna stop anyone from texting anyway.


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