May 17

Reader Email: Check This PSU Dancing Graduate Video


Two crazy Penn State girls dancing in all the best places Penn State has to offer. My college roommate and I put together this video to both remember our Penn State experience and pay a last visit to all of our favorite places at Penn State before we became alum. Please help us make all of the concerned glances from passerby and embarrassment worth it. We’re looking to go viral and we would love your help. Any reposting would be greatly appreciated.


Honestly, when I first read this email I was pumped to watch this video. Major, major let down.

The title of the email they sent was “Better Than the Penn State Yearbook”. I hope they weren’t referring to our video yearbook, cause it’s not even close. That was a cute idea, but eh. To be honest, I got bored after 30 seconds. Also, the camera quality is awful. Viral? Really? Sorry, but saint happening girls.


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  1. Anonymous

    way to totally crap on something these girls worked hard on and were proud of. maybe its not better than your video but doesn’t mean you make fun of them on a public forum for it…

  2. John S

    Way to be original….. NOT. Good idea but the dance has been copied.

  3. ^hahaha

    They absolutely have the right to publicly make fun of it, especially when you send it to them and ask them to help you go viral.

    Ungrateful little bitches…

  4. Anonymous

    shut up amber, this is stupid. i dont even know where the majority of these places are, especially when it’s shot on an iphone camera and no one can even see behind them.

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