May 03

(Apparently) The Sarah Phillips Story

[BuzzFeed] - Sarah Phillips is an Oregon-based young woman in her early twenties who, until yesterday, wrote a column for ESPN’s The Playbook (formerly Page 2). She got her start as a commenter on the message boards of Covers.com, a sports gambling website. After developing a bit of a following on the boards, Covers reached out to her to write a column for them (in which Sarah initially used fake photos to hide her real identity). ESPN saw her work there and offered her a column with The Worldwide Leader. This entire transformation (commenter on a gambling website to columnist on ESPN.com) happened in the last 13 months.  According to reports from Deadspin, and later from Awful Announcing and The Nilsen Report, she (along with two male accomplices) allegedly stole and extorted both money and popular social media accounts from would-be business partners. It seems she did this in hopes of helping her launch a new website (Sports Comedy Network) to the widest possible audience without having to pay for the privilege.

Alright so if you’re anything like me, you were probably confused as hell as to what the deal with this Sarah Phillips story was.  Her name has been blowing up all over the internet this week and filling up my twitter feed while I’m trying to be distracted from studying for finals.  After reading that story, I got it now:  bitch is crazy.  Just literally lying to everyone and attempting to steal her way to a shitty alternative sports/comedy website that probably definitely would have sucked anyway.  The link above does a pretty good job explaining everything so that it isn’t too confusing.  So if you’re interested, check it out.


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