Jan 25

Kerry Collins and Joe Jurevicius Were Bro-ing It Up With Everyone Last Night

Kerry Collins with some Chi-O girls, including one of our former dimes.

Indeed. Nothing cooler than this. Kerry Collins and Joe Jurevicus were just killing at G-Man last night, in a good way. These guys were nothing but nice, just hanging out and being regular guys with everyone in the bar, which consisted of current Penn State students. Buying drinks for anyone who wanted one, taking pictures with anyone who wanted one, and just hanging out with us. Literally. Nothing cooler than that.

Dancing to zombie nation at a bar at Penn State, with Kerry Collins. I mean, that’s what it is all about. This university is amazing, and the Penn State family is truly the best family in the world. People dropping everything in their lives to come back to this place for Joe, from all over the country. I can’t tell you how many toasts there were to Joe last night. So much respect for Collins and Jurevicius, and all of the¬†Letterman, and appreciate them just being regular dudes with us last night.

Ps. I might have given Jurevicius shit for that catch that broke my heart.

Pps. Collins was at the Skellar earlier in the day too, supposedly with Kyle Brady. Here is one of many tweets we received.

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/#!/ShawnNewlin/status/161935342700724224"]

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  1. TSP fan

    how is that the Jurevivius catch that broke your heart? No way is that one worse than his 60+ yard td catch and run in the NFC championship that buried the Eagles.

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