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Letter From an OSU Fan to Penn State Fans

We did not write this. We needed to put this on our site because it is so perfectly written. It is a letter from an Ohio State fan to the Penn State community. We loved every word of it.

Thank you for writing this, anonymous OSU fan. We appreciate your support.


[Source] “Dear Penn State Fan/Alumni,

You don’t know me.  Sure, we may have seen each other once or twice at a road game or a tailgate, but aside from a passing glance, and an occasional hello, we are strangers.  Heck, we’re actually more like enemies.  After all, I’m a fan of The Ohio State University – tOSU, or O$U as you might call it.  Since you guys joined the Big Ten Conference in the early-90s we’ve built a pretty spirited rivalry, with more than its fair share of heroics, heartbreaks, and triumphs.  To be sure, we’ve both crossed the line on occasion.  Urine balloon barbs and incontinence jabs have clouded the fact that we’re actually not that different, you and I.  We’re both proud disciples of two of the most storied programs in all of college football, and although you’d be hard pressed to get a Buckeye fan to say it to your face, we respect the hell out of you and your traditions.

I’m writing because I know how you feel right now.  The actions of your beloved president, coach, and athletic director have shaken your program to the core and have threatened your own faith in humanity.  You’re shocked that someone you idolized could have done something so stupid, so selfish, so infuriatingly contradictory to the values they spent decades promoting.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing what happened in Columbus to what’s alleged to have happened in State College.  Only Bob Ryan is stupid enough to draw that parallel.  What I am saying is that I know what it feels like to have a personal hero disgraced.  To watch someone you admire, who did more good in a week than most of us do in our entire lifetimes get publicly shamed, and forced out under a cover of darkness.  To see a legacy irrevocably stained and treasured accomplishments tarnished.  To have one person’s mistakes drag your university’s good name through the mud.  To be labeled an accomplice to the crime by virtue of your fan allegiances.

As I was driving to work this morning, I heard one of your own call in to The Herd and explain that he didn’t know how he was going to unapologetically put on the Blue and White and sing “Fight On, State” this Saturday.  He’s not the only one to express that sentiment.  Perhaps you’re feeling a little this way.

This is what I want to say to you.  You are not Joe Paterno.  You are not Tim Curley.  You are not Gary Schultz.  You are not Graham Spanier, and you are sure as hell not Jerry Sandusky.  Their alleged sins are not your own.  They may be the most recognizable faces of your beloved program, but they are not Penn State.  They are not a 156 year old center of higher learning.  They are not a century of football tradition.  Their flaws cannot eclipse the innumerable scientific, artistic, and humanitarian contributions your university, and its 44,000 students and 570,000 living alumni have made and will continue to make to the world at large.

The spirit of a program, of a university, and of a state is so much bigger than any one person.

So do yourself a favor, and stop thinking about Joe Paterno.  No amount of discussion can change what happened, and his bed is made for better or worse.  Recognize that only time can tell how he will be remembered.  (For what it’s worth, I hope beyond hope that the facts turn out favorably.)  Say a prayer for the children, and on Saturday, put on your Silas Redd jersey, brave the cold, and cheer your ass off for your team.
Not because you support the coaches, because you support the men on the field.  Not because you endorse the administration, because you believe in the University as a collective whole.  Penn State University has always been (and will always be) about one thing and one thing only: making life better.

It’s not just a motto, it’s a mission.  And you’re still a part of that.

Pray for the children.  Cheer for the team.  And in two weeks, make the drive to Columbus, so you can watch us bury your Big Ten title aspirations in person.


Jonathan Franz

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In Italy, do as the Italians do–head for the hills

Medical Economics March 6, 2000 | Wise, Joe Forget Florence. Rethink Rome. Vacation in the Val Gardens, a hiker’s paradise.

Tucked away among the skyscraping Dolomites in Italy’s northeast corner, the Val Gardena is more Tyrolean than Tuscan. In winter, people ski its surrounding ridges and high meadows. But in spring and summer, the wildflower-studded highlands are a hiker’s paradise. At altitudes of 4,000 to 6,000 feet, the only breathtaking thing is the scenery.

My wife and I went in May, after the skiers had left and before the tour buses would arrive. The days were sunny, the wildflowers were starting to bloom, and the evenings were warm enough to dine al fresco. Our destination was the town of St. Ulrich, the patron invoked-for some reason-against difficult childbirth, dizziness, mice, and moles.

There is barely room between the mountains for the Easter-egg-pastel stucco houses in this resort village of 5,500 people. Our hotel, the Stetteneck, with only 27 guest rooms, had been owned and operated by the same family since 1938. From the cozy lobby bar to the friendly dog in the foyer, it reflects the attention given to making guests feel welcome. Our second-floor room was spacious and sunlit with parquet floors, hand-painted wooden chests, and a featherbed. French doors opened to a small balcony with table and chairs. site goodbye in italian

After unpacking and enjoying a cappuccino in the last of the cool sunshine, we had a typical Val Gardena dinner at Cucina alla Veneta, one of the 30-plus restaurants in town. It began with antipasti and ended with strudel. In between were lasagna with fontina cheese, bean soup, Wiener schnitzel, polenta, and bratwurst, along with a local red wine. As we left, the waiter thanked us in German and bade us goodbye in Italian.

This culinary and linguistic intermingling is characteristic of the region, where people speak a Romance language called Ladin at home and conduct business in Ladin, German, and Italian. St. Ulrich is called Ortisei in Italian and Urtijei in Ladin; Val Gardena is Groden in German. Fortunately for American travelers, most adult St. Ulrichers speak English quite fluently The ethnic inhabitants of the area are descendants of the Roman soldiers sent by the Emperor Tiberius to crush the native Celts. The Val Gardena has been conquered repeatedly by the Austrians, Germans, and Italians. An elderly woman told us shed changed nationalities four times while never leaving the village.

The people we encountered showed a mixture of German reserve and Italian warmth. We asked a man on the street where to buy wine. He could have pointed us to a store, but he said, “Follow me,” and took us to a shop. Our host at the hotel spent hours telling where to go hiking and find the best restaurants.

Next morning; we walked the maze of the town’s cobbled streets and marveled at the variety of wood carvings for sale, ranging in size from 10 centimeters to 10 feet. Some were finished in natural wood; others had been painted to look like ceramics. Animals, trolls, toys with moving parts, angels, even a life-size creche complete with chickens and eggs, were for sale. Wood carving has been a specialty of the Val Gardena for centuries, and the area is said to have 365 carvers. The local church and museum have permanent collections of carvings donated by the artisans.

Besides wood carving, the village’s main business seemed to be maintenance. Never before had I seen a town so well cared for. Everywhere, men were painting or making repairs. Shopkeepers swept their sidewalks twice a day, as a street sweeper patrolled the spotless streets. Even the highways leading to town were swept. One night at 11 o’clock, the manager of the hotel opposite ours was washing the sidewalk in front of his cafe.

We bought cheese, sausage, rolls, and wine (a light, fruity Barbera for $2) for lunch, then headed for the high meadows of the Alpe di Siusi. After an hour, when we seemed almost at eye level with the surrounding peaks, we wandered across a carpet of crocus and blue gentian and ate our picnic on a bench in the sun in front of an unoccupied cabin, one of several built for local shepherds. Back at the hotel, we soaked our sore muscles in the spacious tub in our bathroom, then enjoyed a Campari on our balcony and watched the shadows reclaim the hills. For dinner, we drove four miles up into the mountains to Albergo Panider Sattel, a Swiss-style chalet, where a typical Tyrolean meal-comprising German dishes-completed our day We had planned to leave for Cortina, but were enjoying St. Ulrich so much that we decided to stay on for the rest of our trip. For the next three days, we hiked and picnicked on the network of trails in the Siusi. The maps were excellent indicators of the length, duration, and degree of difficulty of each trek. None was strenuous. Most are accessible by chairlifts, cog railways, and gondolas operated throughout the year.

Hikers can stay overnight at the alpine refuges located along the trails. It was too early in the year for us to do that (see page 113), but our first choice would have been the Refugio Bolzano di Monte Pez, a grande dame of these shelters, which are spaced a day’s hike apart. this web site goodbye in italian

We spent our last evening at the top of the 7,500-foot-high Sella Pass, just north of town, where wed driven to watch the sunset. From there, the entire range of the Dolomites was spread out before us, bathed in the glow of the setting sun. And before leaving the next day, we booked our hotel room for the following spring.

[Sidebar] The author’s work has appeared in Medical Economics and the travel section of The New York Times.

[Sidebar] What to expect if you go HOtels. Serendipity led the author of the accompanying article, cardiologist Joe Wise, and his wife to the Hotel Stetteneck in the little town of St. Ulrich in Italy’s Val Gardena. They were able to find a pleasant room because they went between seasons. “But you’re better off with a reservation,” Wise stresses.

If you like old world village charm with 21 st-century amenities, Wise recommends that you check out the Stetteneck (0471-79 65 63) and these other hotels in St. Ulrich/Ortisei (the descriptions are his):

Hotel Adler: Glamorous accommodations with large garden and indoor pool and tennis courts (0471-79 62 03; info hotel-adler.com; www.ortisei.com/english/index.html, click on hotels/lodgings).

Hotel Cendevaves: In nearby Santa Cristina, with mountain views and indoor pool (0471-79 65 62; cendevaves@val gardena.com; www.val-gardena.com/hotel/cendevaves).

Apartments and rooms in private homes are also listed by the local tourist office (0471-79 63 28; www.ortisei@val-gardena.com). Most prices are reasonable, since Italians and Germans are very frugal travelers,” Wise observes. Accommodations cost slightly more in winter.

Italy’s international telephone code is 39; the country is six hours ahead of the Eastern US.

HIking. The trails of the Alpe di Siusi offer miles of classic Alpine hikes. They’re accessible via numerous year-round ski lifts from the Val Gardena, at Mont Seuc gondola, or by road from the town of Siusi.

Trails are well maintained, but hiking boots are a must. So is a waterproof jacket, as mountain showers can descend quickly. No climbing skills are required. Trail maps are reliable and are available at most hotels, at the Val Gardena tourist offices, and at the numerous branches of the Associazione Guide Alpine.

The best times for hiking are spring and fall Most mountain refuges are open from June to October.

Side trips. Take the spectacular Alpine loop over Passo di Gardena to Corvara and return via Arrabo and Passo Sella.

Perhaps the grandest scenic drive in Europe is the Great Dolomite Road, a stunning 140-mile round trip from Bolzano to Cortina (also accessible from the Passo di Sella).

Getting there. The nearest airport in Italy is Bolzano, served by daily Tyrolean Airways flights from Frankfurt and Rome. To the north, Innsbruck Airport (in Austria) is served by several direct flights daily from Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Zurich.

From either Bolzano or Verona in the south or Innsbruck to the north, take the Brenner Motorway (A22). Exit at Klausen/Groden (Chiusa/Val Gardena). It’s about a 20-minute drive to St. Ulrich.

Wise, Joe

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  1. emsbuckeye

    As a die-hard, scarlet and gray “Tresseltarian” I concur with the above. From one Big 10 family member to another we have the utmost respect for the caliber of your community. (Though as with any family member sometimes we need to kick the crap out of each other.) Nonetheless, this Saturday support your program and throw on your gameday gear because those boys on that field will be doing the same despite their heartbreak and they need you cheering them on with pride.

    1. Paul

      I’m a buckeye fan and I do concur with this letter. But as far as I am concerned Sandusky has not been convicted of anything yet so why has Paterno been convicted of anything!!!!

      1. Ohioan

        awwww, no Joe Pa on the Big Ten trophy. This is only the beginning.

  2. Bev Rush

    Wanted to comment on the very moving letter from the tOSU fan. I agree with everything this fan said. Yes we are rivals, but we are also caring people too. We know what the fans and students are going through. You have a lot of healing to do, and you will get there. We deeply care and pray you all get through this and be strong. I pray for the boys who have been so badly hurt by that coach. God Bless you all.
    A loyal Buckeye Fan & B1G supporter

    1. Buckchic

      Ok, I love what this letter says and I totally agree. I cant believe “ohioan” ur words are complete ignorance, I am so ashamed u share this state with us people eho care about the boys on the field who pour out their heart and souls. Get a life buddy, any conference game is an important game. Hold ur head high Penn State players and fans.

  3. Ohioan

    this is giant BS, and no Ohio state fan wrote this. THERE IS NO RIVALRY WITH OHIO STATE AND PENN STATE.

    Let me tell you something, no one in Ohio gives a crap when OSU and PervSU play. Really, no one cares, its another somewhat boring Big Ten game. This is a fabricated rivalry, perpetuated by PervSU fans. In fact, no one in Ohio gives a crap about anything in Pennsylvania, except how fast we can drive through the pothole ridden worst highways in the country to get to the east coast.

    So dont write fake latters, and try to equate my Buckeyes to your PervSU staff and students. Dont drag us down into your hole of evil, and latch on to our success. PervSU was a marginally successful football program, and its full of a bunch of brainwashed idiots who consider football more important than human rights.

    A Real Ohioan.

    1. gobucksbeeb

      Ohioan, speak for yourself. I am a proud OSU alum (class of 1985) and have been a fan of the football program since I was ten. I was also born in Ohio. Despite the lack of a true “rivalry,” this letter could have been written by someone like me. Keep your negative BS to yourself and allow Buckeye fans everywhere to express their empathy and, to some degree, sympathy.

    2. Britt

      Ohioan, you’re obviously very ignorant to call Penn State, “PervSU.” The actions of a few people do not define the university. In case you didn’t know, Penn State is #1 in job recruitment, and has the largest student run philanthropy, THON, which raised over 9.8 million dollars last year for children with cancer. It’s a great university, and just because Sandusky is a pervert, it does not make everyone that goes to the school one, and it certainly doesn’t make the school one.

      1. Waitandsee

        Really? “The actions of a few people do not define the university”??? Hmmm….funny how PSU’s views have changed! I believe when a few players got a tattoo or 2 in exchange for some memorabilia,(hurting noone) everyone had a field day saying tOSU was a bunch of cheaters and liars and crooks. Now, you want support and understanding because something of REAL importance , something criminal and tragic happened at PSU. sit back and wait, more is going to be coming out!

        1. Buckeye Guy

          I agree that OSU got alot of unneccesarry crap for a few tattoos and bad decisions some dumb kids made. But i agree that PSU’s team had nothing to do with it. im hyped for the game in 2 weeks. Even though they all hate on Osu just turn the other cheek bud. Most are just jealous michigan fans. Go Bucks

          1. china

            No, it isn’t the fault of the players but everyone had things to say about OSU as a whole…it wasn’t all about football. They would talk crap about the entire University. I heard and would read comments about the whole school. But even saying that,everyone put the whole team and school down for the actions of a few. Just seems funny that all of a sudden PSU is defending themselves and get bent out of shape, saying anyone who has something bad to say is ignorant b/c”it wasnt the entire PSU”…but they were guilty of doing that when the OSU stuff went down!

      2. Ohioan

        than why did all of the people that knew this was happening do nothing to stop it, including McQUEERy, who walked in on a child rape, IN PROGRESS, and all he could do was run out and tell his daddy.. what a wimp, disgusting human being. He couldn’t stop it? This was the culture there.

        They were authorized public officials who were in charge of the health and safety of children.

        1. comeonnow

          Noone here ever expressed any support for McQueary! I’m proud to say that I bleed blue and white, but that doesnt mean I don’t think McQueary deserves the shit kicked out of him. Also while I respect the work Paterno did for the school and believe that in his heart he did not intentionally do anything wrong, I agree that he needed the boot for what he failed to do. But the students are the university. Not the 3000 who rioted, but the 10,000 who met on at 10 o’clock on a frigid Friday night to hold a heartfelt candlelight vigil for the victims. Penn State students are innocent, yet they’re being punished for supporting their future alma mater. I know of a girl who had her med-school acceptance revoked last week because she attends Penn State. That’s ruining an innocent person’s future without reason. That’s wrong.

          But I agree that a clean sweep of anyone who knows anything is necessary for the reputation of Penn State as a moral and dignified university.

    3. OSU Alum

      Are you an alum or just an Ohioan? While it is certainly not THE Rivalry, they are in fact a rivalry during any season that we saw them as a threat. Same as Wisconsin, same as Iowa. And really, your outrage at a fabricated rivalry while you sound like an idiot with your “PervSU”?

      Will you be that person that two months from now meets a PSU student/alum and assumes them to be pervert due to the transgressions of others? Did you like it when everyone assumed that OSU was full of ‘crooks’ and ‘cheaters’ in the wake of our scandal? The criminality is certainly not comparable but the sentiment that is being expressed here can be.

      Get over yourself, this is not where the outrage should lie. ‘Your’ Buckeyes should remain respectful and compassionate human beings. We’ve done our fair share of moronic things as a student body (rioting when we WON a game?); so why not come together as another member of the Big Ten Community and help PSU recover from this HORRIFIC occurrence and rebuild a program that we can be proud to play and beat on the football field?

      A saddened Big Ten community member, and OSU alum.

      1. Ohioan

        I will, I own a company in Boston and when I see a resume come across my desk from PervSU I will throw it in the trash. I am a proud OSU grad.

        These are not the actions of a ‘few people’. It looks like hundreds or thousands of its moron students were protesting JoePervs firing? This was a criminal cabal of the lowest order, to protect this moderately successful football program.

        I know plenty of PervSU grads who are not all that upset about this, and make flippant comments about being more upset about JoePervs ice cream being taken away than the scandal. We always used to make fun of how PervSU fans said there was a rivalry with OSU, so its clear they are delusional and sick individuals.

        1. Yupp

          Do you expect us to believe Ohioan that you own a company, cmon now, we know you work at some comic book store and live in your parents basement

        2. Bud_DJA

          I’m surprised you would come on here and spew this venom and hatred, and then tell us all that you own a company. Dismissing a resume simply because the applicant went to PSU is callous, shallow-minded, and disgraceful, and potentially does damage to your company. I, for one, wouldn’t patronize a business I knew was run by a hateful bigot. But hey, maybe I’m wrong…so let’s put it to the test. Have the guts to post the name of your company on here. Let everyone reading this choose if they want to give their business to you. Failing to do that gives you zero credibility, since anyone can sit behind a keyboard and trash people simply because of their collegiate affiliation.

        3. PSU PROUD

          You are such an idiot – ine example of an employer.
          I’d never apply for a job with your company.
          WE ARE PENN STATE!!!!

    4. RDB

      You are an absolute idiot.

    5. Disapointed

      There are some people who do not deserve to express or have their “opinions”. You are one of them.

      You are an idiotic, hateful, pathetic human being. Your words are the worthless words of a disrespectful imbecile. Please exit humanity for the good of the rest of us.

    6. Taylor

      You’re full of BS. As an OSU student I completely agreed with the letter, and in fact got chills at one point because while the circumstances may be different PSU (not PervSU, seriously, you sound like an idiot) is going through the same situation in that it is hard to understand how someone you and thousands of others looked up to so much could disappoint to such a monumental degree. Why not just try to enjoy the fact that a person tried to act like a decent human being for once, and actually swallowed their pride and put forth a kind sentiment amidst all of the negativity the PSU fans have to deal with right now? We’ve been there and God knows every true buckeye fan could’ve used words like this at that time.

      1. Claire

        Taylor, thank you for your response. Those who responded previously sound like a group of hateful people. As a PSU alumni,I apprecitaed the letter, it was supportive and kind and added a bit of levity. Ge tover yourselves. As to the person who interviews for his company, you lack a sense of professionalism.

    7. LetsGoBucks

      I will pray for you and your stupidity!


    8. Matt

      I’m sorry, but you are very incorrect. It may not be as old of a rivalry as with UM, but it is a rivalry. When M*ch*g@n was down, PSU was up, and that was the one game on our schedule that would really get the blood flowing. It was totally not a fabricated rivalry.


      Please stop with the PervSU notation. The students and alumni had nothing to do with this horrible chain of events, and the University is not and will not be defined by them.

      Just remember this: When you are pointing a finger, three more are pointing back at you.

      A Real Penn Stater

      1. prine1

        Hmm..just like when PSU was pointing a finger at OSU for trivial things..3 more stinky ones were pointing back at them.

      2. prime

        Like when PSU was pointing fingers..now they have 3 pointing back at them!! The OSU stuff is nothing compared to this and you all know it. seems kind of petty now doesn’t it considering what happened at Penn State!

        1. Ohioan

          they call that a Shocker, and unfortunately, this time the Shocker reference is not funny

    10. Cel

      You are an embarrassment to your University with that post!

      1. Ohioan

        your a buckeye and empathizing with child rapists?

    11. Cel

      That was to “the Real Ohioan”. Not the amazing person who wrote that letter.

    12. Jessica

      Real Ohioan you are not even worth a comment. It’s called good sportsmanship and just being a good person in general. Why don’t you try it sometime and stop wasting time writing garbage like this online.

      1. Claire

        I could not agree more. Let’s all stop and pray for the victims of such terrible crimes. Since we were not there, since we do not know all the facts and have no idea of the agony faced by everyone involved, let’s stop playing god.

    13. Razzle

      Wow! You’re really a dick!

    14. Klc

      To the “real Ohioan ” , you’re a “real jerk” , way to really show us how obnoxious and ignorant a person can be.

    15. LOL

      wow, it’s amazing how the kind souls of others really bring out the darkness buried in others. First, why would someone ever lie about their school affiliation? Just to get attention for their anonymous letter? That seems ridiculous and far-fetched. Second, get real. Penn State has an amazing football program that has had incredible success. I don’t even like Penn State, but you can’t just represent lies as the truth to try to make yourself sound more justified. Finally, Pennsylvania has kick-ass sports, all around; and no one in Pennsylvania gives a crap about what people in Ohio think about Pennsylvania. Why would you even think anyone cared about that? Everyone in Ohio hates Pennsylvania? Who cares? I bet everyone in Colorado hates Wyoming too. Two states that no one cares about don’t like each other? BREAKING NEWS. You’re stupid, and you don’t speak for everyone in Ohio.

    16. Pennsylvanian

      Actually, there is quite a bit of a rivalry between OSU and PSU. Maybe you don’t see it, but it exists nonetheless. And PervSU? Great Synecdoche. This was a result of the actions/inactions of a rather small group, and even though it impacts everyone within the university and beyond, you are wrong to brand the whole college as PervSU.

      In all fairness though, I will not argue the validity of this letter. It may be one-hundred percent genuine, but there is still the slim chance that it is a fake. You seem passionate about your Buckeyes. I respect that. But our Nittany Lions have always been a worthy opponent with a highly respectable coach. And the real tragedy here is all of the children who were violated. The repercussions of the evil acts of Sandusky will live with them for the rest of their lives.

      A Pennsylvanian

      PS: Our roadways do suck, but it makes it driving in other states easier, contrary to what happens when out-of-staters come here.

      1. Ohioan

        your right, its invisible because its not there, its like hopeful puppy love, where the love lorn is this psychopathic freak from the movie Saw screaming love me love me love me while ripping apart a teddy bear with your picture glued to its face

    17. Michael

      You’re a giant troll. Shut up.

    18. BuckeyeFan

      are you serious? this is a disgrace to all of us Buckeye fans, and real Ohioans. If you were a true Buckeye fan, you would know that NOTHING can bring the Buckeyes down, so why would this letter do that? And you really need to do your research on Penn State’s successes, because I really would not consider them ‘marginal’. Instead of taking the time to bash someone that took the time to let people know they care and can understand the emotions they are feeling, how about you take a look at yourself. How ya looking after that comment? If u can’t say anything positive, leave it to yourself. Because you really are the one that is making Ohioans look bad.

      1. Ohioan

        a point about .500 is marginal

    19. BornABuckeye

      You are full crap. Granted the OSU-PSU matchup is not even comparable to the OSU-Bitchigan showdown, HOWEVER, what they say is heartfelt and truthful. This kind of thing shows who true men and true human beings are, and you are far from it…I agree 100% with what the letter said. And if you’re already writing them down as PervSU, then why don’t you take a step back and think about what you were feeling when Tressel got booted and what people were saying about that. Just because you are a self-centered prick doesn’t mean anything about the rest of the buckeye nation. I’m glad whoever wrote the letter did so, because it shows that there is still some decency left in college football.

    20. Intelligent Ohioan

      And you, so-called ‘real Ohioan,’ just disgraced yourself. Please do NOT speak on behalf of any other Ohioan…or Buckeye fan. You are DEFINITELY not one of us when it comes to spirit of humanity or intellect. Ohio and it’s colleges and universities have suffered many of their own troubled issues. I don’t care who wrote this, it helps both universities and is an awesome step in repairing some of what is wrong with the human race. Despite your idiocy, I believe it will do some good! Go BUCKS!!!! Move on, Penn State. Forgive and forget. Your spirit lives!

    21. Care Bear

      You just don’t know what a real Ohioan is!

    22. OsuFan

      yea “Ohioian” u suck. In the future, please dont speak for me our my University again, you’re only bringing us down….

      I would honestly argue that you are a M fan in disguise. or u just need a life.

    23. Buckeye Thru and Thru

      Seriously dude? I went to Ohio State. I spent several cold days and nights cheering on our Buckeyes against various foes. I have and always will rate PSU amongst the best games we play each year. Get off your high horse and stop pretending nobody involved with our great university ever did anything wrong. Don’t bring down the entire organization for one man’s sick desires. You sound like you have a lot of hate in your life and are probably one of those people that cannot deal with someone disagreeing with you and you will probably fire back some overzealous retort. Go ahead I will do what I always do to angry people, I will smile at you and tell you to have a wonderful day. Oh, and if you Pennsylvania so much drive around, but you won’t because its much more convinent to drive through it.

      1. Ohioan

        as far as I recall, no one at OSU has ever been charged with this, except for Billy Milligan, but that was not the prestigious regal football program

    24. Brian

      May the largest buck in the forest be waiting for you across the border and run out in front of your car as you “speed through the pothole ridden highways” of Pennsylvania. . . . . . grow up asshole.

      1. Cheri

        That was a fabulous response! LOL

        Fellow Pennsylvanian

      2. Ohioan

        hahahaha, it will be something more like Deliverance

    25. chris

      You are what we call a FIFO F____ing Idiot From Ohio

      1. Ohio State Fan!

        Better than a FFFPS! Better than a F….. Fudgepacker from Penn St!

      2. OSU fan

        I am not pleased at your comment any more than the ohioian speaking for the Great State Of Ohio and our true OSU fans that do not approved of you comparing a few assholes in Ohio to all Ohioians. I am sure (you) and your State of PA have a few assholes in it as well. Alot of States have assholes including yourself that leave their state embrassed to own you in their state population. Every State in our blessed nation has assholes in it and bad roads and bad people that will leave their disagrace to their State that of us that live their must endure with in our fine states. PA and Ohio and the rest of 48 states have good and bad in it…so grow up and do right by your State and leave the name calling to bullies and children that havent grown up yet…Really FIFO and FFFPS????time to act your age and not your shoe size! Make your State proud by acting like grown ups…I am proud to be an Ohioian and I love PA too. Its a beautiful state and I love passing through it…plus you have the Steelers and we have the Browns..so trend lightly with us! LOL

    26. BuckeyeBorn

      @Ohioan – You are an embarrassment to Ohio. The above letter expressed the sentiments that I’ve been trying so hard to articulate. I am sad for Penn State and everyone affiliated with it because this horrible, horrible incident is overshadowing all of the greatness that is Penn State. And to use such abusive wording in your representation of the initials PSU -to align the university as a whole with this heinous crime is depraved. And you are clearly not a Buckeye fan if you don’t believe that on any given Saturday the Buckeyes are playing a rival – and since Penn State became a member of the Big Ten it has been a game that I’ve looked forward to more than most others. Please don’t represent yourself as an Ohioan if you don’t represent yourself as someone with empathy.

      1. Ohioan

        I am not sad for them, they raped lots of children and the entire school did nothing about it, there is something wrong with that

      2. Ohioan

        leave the Big Ten

    27. Scarlett

      Are you for real?? If so, you seriously need to grow up. A spirited discussion is what this forum is for, not your infantile mind set.

    28. wiel

      you can go f… ur self



      1. Ohioan



    30. jess

      Screw u a$$ f*©*

    31. Wendy

      really? noone cares about anything that happens in PA?? do you care about the suffering of innocent children? You are obviously ignorant and most likely not a parent. Grow up please!

      1. Ohioan

        absolutely right Wendy, this is what I care about. Now that my kids will go no where near State College, we have nothing to worry about.

        1. Pennsylvania

          so I guess rapists and child molesters don’t live in Ohio?

    32. Marcus

      Hey Ohioan,

      Maybe you don’t give a crap about anything in Pennsylvania, and I know this debate is directed more towards collegiate sports, but maybe you should care enough to send some of your other professional sports teams over to take a few lessons from Pittsburgh’s leading teams. Go ahead & send the Bengals, Browns & Blue Jackets to the ‘Burgh so we can teach them a thing or two about winning.

      1. Ohioan

        I DONT


    33. shawn

      Your a dumbass

    34. Rhonda

      Well speak for yourself. My mother is from PA and think my family is well worth going back to see. As for your rant, this has nothing to do with big rivals. This is about and institution and not letting it be torn down by someone who chooses to do something unbecoming the reputation of the time honored school. Make you should take a course on anger management or control. You seem to have some deep issues going on there. Granted I am an OSU fan but this institution doesn’t need to be torn down and belittled for something they had no control over. Put yourself in their shoes and see how you would want people to say to you. Please do not let this rant put a negative light on the people from the great state of Ohio. We not all bad. Good luck to all Penn State fans in the future. You will over come this and be stronger for it.

    35. tm

      I’m pretty sure you have no friends! You are an angry piece of shit!

    36. We ARE Penn State

      Ah, thanks for those words, “Ohioan”…
      You sure showed how little YOU care …LOL!

    37. GoBlue

      Real Ohioan? Real Moron would be a more apt descriptor. I’m a Michigan Grad living in Columbus (yes…I take a ton of crap from Buckeyes) and I appreciate the many rivalries in College Football. There is none better than the rivalry between Michigan and Ohio state, but if you don’t think there is rivalry between OSU and PSU then you don’t even understand the game.

      Also, don’t associate the evil of J Sandusky or the bad choices made by some of the administration and coaches to all the fans and students at Penn state. If the actions of a few individuals automatically applied to their group as a whole, then aliens from space could look upon all human beings as complete “tools” because of you.

      Ohioan, I think it is possible that you’re too stupid to realize how ignorant your post made you look.

      So…I am going to offer you some helpful words. Your post made you look like a complete idiot. You should probably think twice before saying things in a public forum. That is unless you get some satisfaction out of looking like an ass in front of others. In that event, post away. You will find much joy in life.

      Much love to the fans of PSU (and you too Buckeyes). This crap will pass. Don’t let the stupid stuff get you down. This is college football here. It’s a game. Enjoy it.

    38. msufan

      You are a shame to all B1G fans. I may not be an OSU fan, but I do know you can’t lump everyone together in this tragedy. There have been individuals at each of our schools who have done shameful things, but that doesn’t make us all bad. I’m guessing you didn’t go to OSU, because I like to think that alumni have more heart than you.

      1. Ohioan

        then why do hundreds/thousands of them protest his firing and not walk over to Sanduskys house and protest what he did?

    39. tiny13

      Dude get a life Joe Pa is a legend!!! Way bigger than Tressell will ever be!! We may not have a rivalry with Penn State but they are a great team and do not deserve your load of BS!!! Stop being a douche and just grow up

      1. Ohioan

        not anymore

    40. msufan

      Ohiofan, you are a shame to all B1G fans. I may not be an OSU fan, but I do know you can’t lump everyone together in this tragedy. There have been individuals at each of our schools who have done shameful things, but that doesn’t make us all bad. I’m guessing you didn’t go to OSU, because I like to think that alumni have more heart than you.

    41. T Castle

      OK so I guess there are some Ohioans out there who have no heart. I truly feel for the students and players at Penn State. It was not the players and students who made a mistake so why should you persecute them and not support these kids. Because after all they are still kids. I am praying for the students, staff and families at Penn STate and want to let them know that you will make it through this tough time if you stick together.

    42. Ohio State Fan!

      You said it perfectly! Fudgepacker U is a disgrace!

    43. Linda

      Wow! You speak fluent stupid!

    44. Buckeyeluvinwoman

      what an original nickname for the school…..btw the entire school did not commit the sick act and name calling is something that should be left in elementary school. I agree tho on speaking on behalf of others…if you are going to claim you are a true buckeye then have some class…the majority of OSU fans would not want to be attached to the same type of ‘pride’ you have. This letter was quite nice and well written. Disappointing that ANYone would strike at or discourage being kind, that is exactly what you were doing with your rude reply to the letter.

    45. Penn State Mom

      I am appalled at your comment. My precious son is a senior at PSU and has no more to do with this disgusting scandal than you do! He has worked his tail off and is earning a dual degree in Finance and Economics with a 3.8 average and to have simpletons such as yourself make comments like that about a noble, intellingent, moral young man like my son makes me wonder what planet you are from. I went to college in Ohio and know that not all Ohioans are as despicable as you! You should be ashamed of yourself for posting a comment about the students and staff who are also a very large part of this collateral damage. My son didn’t choose Penn State four years ago because of it’s lack of integrity…just the opposite, so you can imagine his disgust at having to be associated with this scandal. You should be ashamed of yourself! Thank God not all people from Ohio share your sentiment…this article brought me such comfort until I read your post. So very sad!

      1. Ohioan

        I am sorry to hear that, and yes, I would be upset too for the money you are paying. I would demand they shut down the athletic program to restore honor to the school.

    46. MAH

      I agree with your last statement 100%. What do the students need support for? Is this about you? Are YOU a victim? NO. News flash, what’s important isn’t your football games, Joe P or yourselves. Stop focusing on “how this makes you feel as a student” and focus on the victims. What they’ve gone through is what really matters.

      1. Ohioan

        wow, didnt know people like you existed here.


    47. Christina

      You are a disgrace and should not be allowed to talk/write in public. Keep your filthy, insulting opinions to yourself. How dare you be so judgmental when something so serious and horrendous is going on? Keeps your pathetic comments to yourself.

    48. HapaGrrl 1018

      @ Ohioan: you are a whiny, bitter, craggy old beeyotch. If this is your true nature, I feel sorry for the people who you associate with on a daily basis. Your bitterness and negativity reads clear through your post. If you have no compassion for something like this, you probably have no compassion towards others in your life or at all. For that, I feel sorry for you. In the final analysis, you are the loser.

    49. bobdewitt

      your the REAL BSER. no real OSUfan would stoop as low as you.

    50. josh

      Really get a life. PervSU? Seriously how pathetic are you. You are bringing down the school and all of its students, alumni and staff for actions of just a few.

    51. Sue Hermann

      you are an asshole

  4. Kristin Young

    I am a 43 year old mother, wife and nurse. Everyday of my life is about caring for other people. To the anonymous Buckeye Fan….God Bless You..you did a great job. THIS IS WHAT THE HERD NEEDS TO READ THIS IS WHAT MSNBC, CNN AND ALL SPORTS NETWORKS NEED TO TAKE THE TIME TO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ed

    Okey dokey silly okeo, I’m an idiot! That’s true!

  6. Pam

    Now the shoes on the other foot you don’t like it to well but his is fifty thousands times worse then tressel

    1. chrissy

      If you want to defend your University, use proper grammar and spelling.

      This is a great letter. Don’t be pigheaded and ruin it!

    2. GoBlue

      Now the shoe’s on the other foot. You don’t like it too well, but this is fifty thousand times worse than Tressel.

      (I love helping the grammar/spelling/punctuation challenged)


      You are correct. Raping little kids is worse than violating NCAA (bullcrap) rules, but what is your point?

    3. Ohio State Fan!

      Tressel got what he deserved too! Another liar, enabler, cheater!

      1. Ohioan

        he didnt create a culture that enabled systematic child raping

  7. Beverly

    Kudos, great letter and heartfelt across this nation!

  8. Paul

    It might be a good idea to remove the Liar shirt with the vest on it considering the current circumstances.

    1. Penn State Dad

      Well said, Paul. The original letter is deeply appreciated here in Pennsylvania. The picture is tacky, and has no place here. I’d like to believe that fans from both schools are some of the best in the land, and willing to share while tailgating, as long as the visitors can take the ribbing! I’ve hoisted many a brew and shared some “real food” with friendly rivals in State College and Columbus, and it always ended with a “Thanks”, and a “Good luck, have a safe trip home”.

      1. Ohioan

        there is no rivalry Dad, its fake, because no one likes your school and its beyond tarnished now. get a hobby.

        1. psu born 'n raised

          hey Ohioan, take your own advise…get a hobby! your a dumbass, your head is shoved so far up your ass that you really can’t see anything…as to the 95% of OSU fans on here, i appreciate what you say and agree that some people should not be trying to talk for a whole crowd…ohioan, you are NOT osu, you are NOT ohio, what you are is a low life that has no life and probably sits on his computer all day b/c he has nothing better to do…congrats, you have almost any OSU and PSU fan hating your existance…good think no1 can find out who you really are…its easy to hide behind a computer screen isnt it?

  9. Mj

    Way to go. It’s a shame a rival can see what’s really important. Thanks

  10. samirpsu

    Thanks buckeye fan. While not similar in scope, the situations do bring similar emotions in the fan base… Let the judgement of those outside of the school and, further, outside of football, academics and those without loyalties fall silently where it may, as they will never understand why we feel the way we do.
    See you in Columbus in two weeks.

  11. Jim

    What a great statement. Thanks

  12. PennStater

    Wow, thank you so much.

  13. Jet

    “Pray for the children. Cheer for the team. And in two weeks, make the drive to Columbus, so you can watch us bury your Big Ten title aspirations in person.”
    Actually began to think you were being sincere until last statement. Would expect nothing less from the other embarrassment to the big ten.

    1. Disapointed

      Sigh. I find it heartbreakingly sad that you are such a simple-mindedly blinded fool that you can’t see the statement he was truly making with that comment.

      Since you missed the point, he was saying that fans and rivals shouldn’t be butting heads over the controversy, they should stick to the butting heads about the game itself as it’s always been.

      A pity that you’re too one-dimensional to truly understand the sentiment behind a bit of good natured ribbing.

    2. Matt

      Come on, you’re not ever allowed to talk smack? What is the point of being in a conference then?

    3. AnnArborBuckeye

      Really? Is that last sentence all you took away from that letter? Talk about missing the point.

  14. B Moon

    Well Said!

  15. RDB

    As a deeply saddened Penn State alumnus, I simply want to say Thank You to the Ohio State person who took the time to write this note. You showed a level of class that is much appreciated at this time. Let us ALL say a personal prayer for the innocent young boys whose lives have been scarred by the evil monster Sandusky. If I had my way, I would hang him from the highest tree I could find at Unviversity Park.

    1. psufan

      Thank you, so much!

      I would hang him from the top of Old Main. The class shown in this letter is what the Big Ten and College sports is suppose to be about.

  16. Kathy stemphoski

    Thank you

  17. OSU Student

    As a current student, I can say that our hearts are with all of you in this time. Like our annoying little brother ;-), we still love you, Penn State.

    Ohio State focuses on 3 teams every year: Wisconsin, Penn State, and M!CH!G@N. While our rivalry with that team up north is a little different, the rivalry we’ve grown with you by putting our traditions on the line against yours is more than respected. Keep your heads up, for your conference, school, JoePa, and for what makes us hate you guys so much: just being good Penn State fans.

  18. Aaron Confer

    As a lifelong PSU fan and bitter rival of OSU…I am reduced to say nothing more than thank you and particularly thank you for helping to build that bridge to restore what crumbled sense of humanity that most true Penn State fans are experiencing right now…this goes beyond football and I sit here in admiration of someone who sees the bigger picture and applaud your efforts to blurr the reality that this trandscends sports and has become a human issue…I will sign off in saying that I will forever be influenced by this message and will try to remember this when the our boys inevitablly come under scrutiny when we step foot in the shoe…thank you “Buckeye fan”!!!!!!!

  19. MN Alumna

    I am a Minnesota, Big Ten Alumna… and I AGREE with the OSU fan.

  20. Casey

    Hey…that was very sincere until the end where he mess it all up, but that is the closest an OSU fan can get ….so I will take it.

  21. PSUGrad

    I disagree. This isn’t about Paterno or any other name you’ve mentioned. My disappointment and shame is about the administration turning a blind eye to what they were told was going on. It’s beyond the pigs you’ve mentioned.

  22. Chad

    Ohioan, why are you hidding behind a fake name. You are a typical closed minded sissy!! I have more respect for dog crap then I do your pointless comment. Have A Good day you PANSY

  23. Holly Schipp

    Thank you very much. It is great to hear this coming from someone outside of Happy Valley. That was motivational, inspirational and much needed support for those who are struggling to wrap their heads around all of this.

  24. rrcc

    When I read this, I turned first scarlet (anger) and then grey (nausea). How football even enters the discussion around the brutal and systematic rape of children over an extended period of time is shocking to me.

    What “good” did Paterno do in any given week? Does winning a few stupid games exonerate him from his responsibiloity as a human being? His game plan was only for his own benefit, and it consisted of aiding and abetting a vicious criminal. Shame on him.

    And shame on the students who are rioting to protect their broken icon. How I wish they’d have rioted against their hero Joe saying it wasn’t so and, in doing so, serving up innocent children to his buddy. His blood is blue but his hands are black with dirt.

    1. Sadrobin

      Really……please educate yourself as to what he has done all his life and what Penn State has done. Here are some facts:

      1. He reported it.
      2. He is not part of the good ole boys club in the administration. In fact, they don’t like him very much.
      3. He does not run the University. Our former napoleonic President wouldn’t have allowed that.
      4. He was not buddies with Sandusky. There was no love lost between then every since Joe told him he was not going to be his successor.
      5. He did not aid an abet Sandusky. He may be guilty of naievely believing tht Curley, Schultz, and Spanier investigated the incident.
      6. To those of us who know him and his family. we know what kind of man he is: humble, down-to-earth, living his life in the best way he knows for the greater good.
      It is too bad you’re blind and can’t see that.

      1. DIeHard PSU

        And don’t forget the millions he donated to expand the Library

      2. kt06

        He could have done more when he saw no action was taking place. He just looked the other way for the program. That is where he is guilty. A man with his name could have and should have done more to stop it.

  25. Josh

    I want to say thank you to the person who wrote this, and to people who understand this persons message. We may be ‘rivals’ but we are closer than many think.

  26. Nancy P

    What is with the nasty, hateful comments? There is clearly plenty of sick and wrong in this world. Why attack someone who possibly extends thoughtful, mature words? How about we think of these kids and put petty crap aside…

    1. Ohioan

      because its fake, and your kind of dumb

      1. Buckeye Chuck Finley

        STFU already Ohioan you are a tool. If “you’re” going to call somebody dumb at least know the proper usage of the word “you’re” as in “you are”. Just another fake ass impersonator.

  27. proud parent

    I very much enjoyed this up beat note to PSU fans. I am a parent of two former Big Ten students and you guessed it one a Buckeye and the other a Lion. I took the time to read this and copied and sent it along to both of my children hoping to lift their spirits as well. Thanks for the consideration and about the game in Columbus at least I will have one happy child!

  28. marilyn rivkin crossley

    Well said!

  29. Who cares

    I think anyone who actually is effected emotionally by any kind of sports whatsoever needs to grow up. We aren’t in biddy league anymore. If you want to celebrate tribalism them go to Africa. There are people losing jobs daily, losing houses easily as often, and inflation is taxing us all down to below a middle class stature. Yet, all you kids are worried about the shortcomings of some child molesters and how it hurts your feelings.

    I have yet to see anyone talk about how awful it must have been for the kids involved. Instead all I hear about is how peoples feelings are hurt because their beloved tribal sport’s reputation has been tarnished.

    For those of you who idolize sports ‘stars’ you are what is wrong with america. Get your priorities straight. There used to be a time when kids idolized world changers, scientists, artists, those that actually contributed something to society. Idolizing douche bags because they can run well with a ball is something should be embarrassed about.

    1. rrcc


    2. A Buckeye

      While I do agree that there are much greater problems in the world than who wins a football game, as a Buckeye, I will say that going to a football game whether it be home or away is a nice reprieve from the every day happenings of the world.

      I am by no means obsessed with Ohio State, but this University has given more to me in the four years I’ve been here than anything else I’ve experienced. Being a loyal, true Buckeye fan is not in any way similar to “tribalism”. I cheer on fellow Buckeyes, because we have a bond that can never be broken. I cheer on my school in a way that no one who is not a current or alumnae of my university can. I show my support for a school that has given me so much.

      I am extremely involved on campus and I know that there is more to life than football, but sporting events are one of the few times you can be crazy and show the world how much you love your school. I find it very close minded of you to say that cheering for a football team insinuates that all a fan cares about is that football team. Football teams are a symbol, albeit perhaps a poor one, of what our university stands for and cheering for your school’s team isn’t about that team, it’s about your school.

      As an Ohio State student, I can say that I was personally shamed by what happened here and I know exactly how a PSU student feels. I am not concerned with Paterno, Sandusky or any other administrator who turned a blind eye, the judicial system will give them what they deserve. I, like you, am saddened by the fact that this has been turned into a worship JoePa thing. We need to be focused on the children whose lives were destroyed and I don’t think there’s any lack of people, either on my campus nor on PSU’s campus, who are focused on the victims. The people who aren’t are the ones getting media attention and it makes everyone else look bad.

      It’s very easy to sit up on your high horse and be hypocritical about caring for the victims when in your own post you focused more on insulting fans than expressing your sentiments on the boys who were affected by this. I idolize world changers, scientists and artists but you cannot deny that sometimes, those “idiots running with balls” are the ones who also change the world.

  30. sharona

    What a compassionate message. Thank you…whoever you are….for not giving those Penn State fans the business. Their beloved team does not deserve to wear a crown of thorns over the actions of these men. They should hold their heads up and be proud. The same way we hold our heads up and continue to support our Scarlet and Grey.

  31. Penn State Fan


  32. OSU Student

    As a student, speaking for the majority of us in Columbus, our hearts are with you during this time. Like our annoying little brother ;-), we still love you, Penn State.

    Ohio State football focuses on three games all season: Wisconsin, Penn State, and M!ch!g@n. The rivalry that we’ve developed with you in such a short amount of time is fully respected, because you are a school enriched with class and tradition. Remember who you are. See you in two weeks, and we don’t plan on being this nice in the ‘Shoe!

  33. Loyal Penn State Fan

    This letter says a lot and means a lot to the fans of Penn State…but you have one thing wrong. Joe Paterno’s name and legacy have not been tarnished in the eyes of the students, alumni, or true fans. You haven’t chatted with him as he walked to practice, or eaten ice cream with him at the creamery…you don’t know the real Coach Paterno. We aren’t stupid or naive. We know Joe Paterno has culpability. We know he could have made different choices – he admitted that. We don’t think he is God or always perfect or saintly. But he is the greatest college football coach ever, and he is PSU family, and we don’t want his exit to be like this.

    1. Colleen

      I agree. People who are criticizing Joepa do not know the real JoePa that the PSU students know. There was a good reason for those 2,000 students to riot. They were not doing the wrong thing. The national media got it all wrong. I just can’t believe PSU treated a man like Joe Paterno in this way. It really takes the attention off of the tragedy of the poor boys who were molested. I believe Penn State’s board of trustees realized they could deflect attention off of Penn State and onto Paterno -the person. Sly move by the board of trustees.
      The whole thing is terribly tragic all around!

  34. Eric Pleka

    As a PSU student it means a lot to hear support for our school rather than the embarrassment that the media has made me feel over this last week. Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart.

  35. John Brown

    I must say that I respect the letter this fan wrote. I’m a Michigan fan myself. I’m a diehard fan. But I will say that I have the utmost respect for the schools in the Big Ten. Yes, even Ohio State. I live in Columbus. I think Tressel got screwed over. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he is gone. He has killed us since 2001 on the field. With him gone we might have a chance again. I think JoePa got the worst of it. If its true that he went to the campus police along with higher people at the school then I don’t see where he should have been fired. Why is JoePa gone when he saw nothing, but McQueary is still a coach after he witnessed it and waited a day to tell anybody? Its looking like this was Penn State’s way of getting rid of Paterno and feeling justified about it. He did what he was supposed to do based on the reports I’m hearing. Its a sad day when an ICON of college football has to pay for something when to him it was just heresay. My heart goes out to PSU and the families of the children that were involved. The facts will show that JoePa was innocent in all of it.

    1. Gene

      YOU IDIOT!!! How can you say jopa was innocent?? Is ignorance or letting a coach suspected of molesting children stay associated w/PSU and use their facilities and bring boys on campus where this all began being innocent? Paterno thougtims were your son would you feel jopa is innocent? ht he and the program were above the criminal law as well as doing the right thing. If one of these vic

  36. PSU forever 62

    THanks for the letter of support it means a lot to most of us and im sure i will look upon situations differently if the role is reversed thanks to you…… And just want to say Thank You JoePa for everything you have done you will not be forgotten……… “You either die a hero, or live to see yourself become the vilian” -the dark knight

  37. B_UNT_D

    I guess you all can all get behind this letter. Let me remind you that Sandusky probably facilitated the exchange of children for money with other prominent members of the community. You can have all the respect you want, but the truth is you were being lied to, and the community “front” you were subjected to was a lie. The entirety of the administration should be investigated, there’s a possibility this was going on since the ’80s. The entire school covered this up. Sever punishment needs to be dealt and any respect given should be to the new administration, when and if they are ever allowed to have another football program.

  38. PSU Fan

    Go fuck yourself, Jet.

  39. OSU fan in Virginia

    I find it sad that a letter written that is reaching out in support of Penn State football causes such a reaction from BOTH SIDES ……

    Ohioan obviously you don’t watch the BIG 10 there is a RIVALRY there. That’s okay stick your head in the sand they will be here in a few weeks to play the game. Does this mean we don’t have a rivalry with Michigan as well? That must be one of my OSU disillusions on game day. Obviously I am in some sort of stupor as I cheer on the Scarlet and Grey against Michigan and Penn State (MY BAD)

    Jet it was meant as an attempt at humor to lighten the situation ….. that is okay we understand your feelings are hurt right now they are going to be worse when you come to play and we wipe the field with you.

    To Penn State …. I am saddened by the loss of your coach to something of this magnitude. This should be a lesson to ALL coaches don’t cover for your staff or your players. Come on the field, play the game with honor and respect for each and every individual.

  40. jdwfl

    Excellent letter Buckeye fan… I hope the Penn State students can take your good thoughts to heart during this difficult time. … and altho’ I’m in a different conference (SEC), and most probably lived in a different time, my heart dropped as each news cast got worse and worse; and I thought of how I’d feel if this were my beloved Wildcats. I am so sorry this has happened at Penn.
    Un. of Kentucky Alum -class o’1971

  41. KyCatfan(and closet Buckeye)

    Wonderful letter! I have grieved with the Penn State community this week (I have family ties to the university, and the football program). I, too, hope that the facts turn out favorably for JoePa…but regardless, Penn State has a wonderful, rich tradition that will survive this current storm. To the individual doubting OSU’s rivalry with PSU, you must not attend that game…and to the same person, yes Buckeye fans do care. Go cheer your Nittany Lions!

  42. Molly

    Thank You, and God Bless…

  43. tim

    very nicely written. osu showing class.

  44. Krankyankee

    PSU can pick on OS,,,OS can pick on PSU…let something bad happen and we are again family….

  45. You suck

    Yeah! Don’t let a few child rapes get you down! Go team!

    1. Sadrobin

      First of all, let’s get this straight. The team and players did not do this. Our students did not do this. One sick individual did. All facts are not yet known. If there are folks who intentionally covered this up then, yes, they are despicable. But….that is not who the students, employees, alumni, or school are. So yes, I will cheer on my team and I will love Penn State despite what happened. Most of all, I will pray for the children and their families and work to make sure that nothing like this ever occurs again here or anywhere.

  46. Chris

    Jet, really? You are going to call Ohio State the embarrassment of the Big Ten? PSU is by and far not only the embarrassment of the Big Ten, but of the entire United States right now. Your leaders harbored and supported a CHILD RAPIST. Is there anything worse?

    1. Ohioan

      they dont care, its all about football, and raping coaches and players. these people are fools.

  47. BleedingBlue&White

    Thank you, from a Nittany Lion living in Buckeye Country…well,maybe except for the last sentence…For the record, when everything was going down in Columbus, I never gloated because I didn’t even want to think about what might me under the rocks in Happy Valley…little did I know! God bless us all!

  48. Amy

    I truly think that Ohio State can also link themselves to Liars! and I hope the Nitty Lions come to Columbus and kick some butt!

    1. Buckeye Chuck Finley

      More blind ignorance from “Not so Happy Valley”.

  49. Curt

    Thank you very much for that article. I was struggling with the shame as well, but I feel much better having read your perspective.

  50. amy

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Yes, wrong is wrong but we are comparing apples to oranges here. I have never had respect for Joe Pa and the Penn State organization, and never will. Please don’t put me into the ‘ I feel your pain bro’ line up. You think the PSU campus felt sorry for Osu? I highly doubt it. Go Nebraska!

    1. Korey

      Amy, the OSU fan does not care if PSU felt sorry for us. you are a fan that just cares about football and thats all you got from reading the article. It was a osu fan showing support to other human beings at a time that is sad for a university. not all osu can link them selfs to liars. tressel did make mistakes but I still respect the man all the same as I do Joepa. You should respect joe pa as a person not as a school that you dont care for. He has done a lot of good in his life. His work with charity groups and donating is class act to anybody. you are a nebraska fan, thats great. that doesnt mean much to me. I would still help you in a time of need. Its being a good human being. you may just be mad that you felt that you could come into the big ten and kick ass. Didnt work to good do it. Big ten is a rich history of sports and people. When a big ten school looks bad they all look bad and you are apart of it. Be respectful of the school and the people.

  51. JAHBucki

    As it turns out, we both have a couple of very large communities. Very passionate and very diverse communities. And there will always be some bad eggs in that community–some from within and some posers pretending to be real fans/alum that make the most noise. Yeah, some apples tripped up and you fell down with them. But you’ll get back up, dust off and fight on.

    At the end of the day, you’ll root for the blue and white because it’s what you bleed–and that’s right. It’s not the destination as much as the journey to our visions.

    Fight on State. Fight-on for the dignity, pride, and larger aspirations PSU represents and dreams for. Just like the scarlet and gray will do.

    And both of us will fight on to beat the snot out of Ann Arbor (who, I have to say, will also fight on for the very same reasons and love).

    - A life-long Buckeye in Maryland

  52. BuckeyeFan

    Anyone who has anything negative to say after someone took the time to write that beautifully written letter REALLY needs to take some time and look at themselves.

  53. Brooke

    Well said…

  54. Kevin

    I thought it was a terrific letter!

  55. O-H-I-O

    To Jet….an embarrassment to the big ten? What happened in OSU is nothing compared to what happened in Penn State. But if it makes you feel better, go ahead and get offended by the last statement of that made up letter…pretty sure the author was being sarcastic. Sarcasm…look it up in the dictionary.

  56. Chantel Walsh

    Thank you for ur words of encourgement. I think you perfectlly said what we r all trying to say but can’t find the right way to say it. Thanks again

  57. B Cunningham

    What a great letter! I glad I routed for you guys last week. I’m a 60 year old grandmother and am a college football fan. Its about the kids who play not the coaches!

  58. brenderc

    I love when schools can support one another, even in the face of adversity! (And I am a Michigan fan that was stationed in Ohio) That makes me proud.

  59. Trojan Fan

    I guess taking money to pay the rent on your parents house cost us a Heisman, a seasons worth of victories, scholarships and bowl games, but it pales in comparison to this tragedy. The lives of these boys can never be repaired, only tought how to deal with the reality that they are innocent victims. The school will survive just as SC has. Oh yea it cost SC about 20,000 fans a game in the stands, but if you show that you and the school have class and dignity, you to can survive.

  60. truebuckeyefan

    This is so true i feel horrible what there doing to jopa he is a true legend it wont be the same not seein him on the sidelines when we play u he will be miss by ohio state fans and penn state fans

  61. anya cannon

    Very well said …………I am otherwise speechless

  62. Dave

    this letter is a real tribute to ” misery loves company ” . Being a Wolverine fan I can say that the Big 10 is taking a beating in the scandal department lately , what with Rich Rod breaking the rules at UM , Tresselgate , and now with the Penn State situation what it is . What this letter says best is that our collective universities will move on . Games will be won and lost , and our institutions of higher learning will continue to send brilliant world changing young people out into society . I’m a fan of the Big 10 conference and with the great traditions at these 3 schools , I have no doubt that we will survive !

  63. EHMB

    Thanks for encouragemet & support…Well said….Classy!

  64. Patti

    Beautiful! Not only Tressel, but even Woody went out under a cloud. We held up okay. Thanks for sharing this!

  65. Stacy w

    Amazing ….. Makes me proud to be a Buckeye – your words impress me, I couldn’t have said it better!!

  66. Lou Rossi

    No one could have said it better.

  67. We are bigger than this

    Dear Ohioan,
    I can tell by your PervSU comments that you are a dedicated, (and quite mature, might I add) Ohio State fan. Well, I am a Penn Stater who actually did think that Penn State and Ohio State had a rivalry. The fact that you lump the entire university into the catagory of PervSU makes me wonder if you got a Journalism degree from Ohio State. I, unlike will not make a generalization and label all Ohio State fans is bandwagoning viral lynch mobbers. Hope your hate doesn’t consume you.

  68. Stom

    I bleed blue and white. I really enjoyed reading that. Solid points man. I appreciate your respect. But the last line. Hahaha. I’m not making the drive to Columbus bcs I don’t think I need to. But like you said, support your team and I’ll do the same.

  69. Donna

    That is one darn great letter. So eloquent and uplifting for what must be a very hard time for all Penn State Alumni. It is true, hold your head high and remember the MISSION, not the MISTAKES.
    Buckeye gal

  70. JaneD

    Kudos to the author of the letter and I really don’t care who wrote it – OSU or not. It was well-written and contains really good, sound advice. Seriously, thread hijackers need to go find something better to do, like maybe homework….

  71. Robert Patterson

    I’m a Michigan fan all day..I first thought before reading this that it was going to be a bash or something offensive toward Penn state…after reading this I must say I am touched by the compassion shown from the writer that with the up most respect they writs this and I agree….if you go to Penn state and are refusing to wear your white and blue you are only hurting the athletes…Joe Pa guilty or innocent stood for better than that and would be disappointed with all that didn’t Show a team they supposedly love the support they need and ultimately deserve..as previously stated I’m a Michigan fan and say it was the university of Michigan facing these charges. ..I personally would still wear my maze and blue proudly…So Penn state fans read this letter…its beautiful! Thanks for reading…

  72. Scarlett

    It’s so sad when the greats go down in disgrace. Both Paterno and Tressel were perhaps guilty of sins of omission, but unfortunately if Paterno knew of the abuse, that’s not just “against the rules of college football”, but it’s against the law! We all felt the pain when Tressel went down and those of us old enough to remember when Woody had his meltdown on the field, and left in disgrace, we mourned that era as well.

    Yes I’m a transplanted Buckeye who bleeds scarlet and gray but was born and raised in Pennsylvania, so I can relate. So please people, go to the games, cheer for your players. They are in deep mourning and think how good it will sound to them when a stadium full of PSU fans or any other fans for that matter…cheer them on. After all, it’s not the coaches who we cheer for when they’re running down the field after catching a well thrown pass, it’s the players! They deserve our respect, and our condolences, and even though when we play each other in a couple of weeks, I will be cheering the Bucks on, but there will be a part of me that will also be with you trying to help you get on with life and football. I usually wear my Buckeye gear on game days, but on the 19th, I think I’ll wear a little blue and white as well. And since the game will be in the horseshoe, I hope my fellow Buckeye fans will feel a kinship with the PSU players and make them feel welcome.

  73. Mike from TX

    Having gone to Penn State, graduated from Michigan and lived in Minnesota for 14 years, I never had much good to say about Ohio State… until today. A heartfelt thanks and a tip of my cowboy hat (living in TX now) to the Buckeye Fan who wrote this beautiful letter. We tend to forget that football is just that… football. It may be difficult to remember during the season but there are more important things in this life.

    That said… we’ll still clean your clocks on the gridiron, or walk proudly having given it our best.

  74. Becki

    Heard a Penn State Faculty member on our “best” radio station this morning here in Columbus. Her feelings and heartache were evident. It’s a sad day when a football program takes on so much power that something like this sends shock waves to the country. WE LOVE OUR SPORTS. But we cherish our children and our humanity. I’m a Buckeye to the core…..but Penn State has all my sympathy at this time. The people of Pennsylvania who love and follow their football program are hurting right now. I, for one, feel for them. I must also say that this thread, though some posts are just childish, make me even more proud to be a BUCKEYE!!

  75. kristin ankrom


  76. Mark

    Let time sort through this mess without people being to judgmental. We all can see the mistakes made and the laws broken and how the use of better judgment should have been exercised. Before we bury all the most common names talked about today with the exception of Sandusky, we need to reserve some judgment. However, there are a few questions or comments put out there for discussion and debate.
    1. If the last incident occured in 2002, then why in the hell did it take the Grand Jury investigation nine (9) years to do something about this? They too are at fault for allowing this to drag on. How many children could have been helped if they addressed this sooner? How many children did we fail for allowing this to drag on for 9 years?
    2. Never trust anyone from Human Resources. They are the snakes of the earth, even more than a Washington Politican. They did not exercise the balls to face Joe Paterno. They left a message for him to call back and they fired him over the phone. Don’t think it cannot happen to use when dealing with one of the most unethical departments in any company.

  77. Jersey Girl in Happy Valley

    After reading this I felt there is hope for the future…Thank you, all Ohio State fans, for your support…pray that the young men find peace.

  78. Harry Herr

    How can God continue to look down on this old world and let things like this go on much longer. How perverted is the human race going to get until allmighty God says enought is enought. Men hating one another even if it is only a rival game when is it going to stop.What is happening in this world today is a sign of the end times GOD says in the last days some men will lose their natural affections and will be turned over to rebubated minds. OH Lord come quickly. Thanks for the letter from OSU fan.

  79. JBS

    Sports have been around since time began, so has…you can do what ever you want, BUT the consequences will attack you sooner or later. A few miss led men messed up bad, real bad.pray for the children yes very much the children and their families. But also pray for the miss led men…and don’t forget you and I need that prayer just as much as they do.

  80. Billy bob

    The “real Ohioan” is from Michigan. Idiot

  81. Bryan c pasquale

    OMG I DONT KNOW WHO S MORE ANNOYING OSU OR PSU FANS!!! The entire time u pretended to care about the children that have been abused in the psu scandal but really the message was about his stupid football team beating psu s football team in 2 saturdays… Shut up!!!

    1. Buckeye Chuck Finley

      If that is all you took from the entire letter you really are a clueless moron.

  82. eileen

    This is the nicest thing a Buckeye has ever said- thanks so much to the compassionate Ohio State fan who wrote this. Out hearts are broken in so many ways- prayers for everyone involved:)

    1. Buckeye Chuck Finley

      Contrary to popular belief, not all OSU fans are rabid savages. I’d say only about 25% are unbearable even to most other OSU fans.

  83. hmt

    best thing i have read about the scandal to date. well done osu.

  84. carol clark

    it doesn’t matter if you bleed scarlet and gray, blue and white. you follow the men on the field and add to their integrity. As an Ohio State fan I continue to believe that Jim Tressel did have his players best interest at heart. I do not believe that in 15 yrs NO ONE knew what was happening to those young men!! I am sure there will be a lot more to this story but don’t trample on Paterno’s–or Tressel–legacy. These men earned it. Go Bucks!!!

  85. Harry Herr

    Today my grand son Kaden age 5 picked up the evening paper from the coffee table looked at the front page and said Pappy Pappy look it’s Joe Pa.The evening news came on TV and Joe Pa’s picture. Kaden said look he’s on TV. Yes , Pennsylvania is hurtiing just like OHIO was hurting from the OSU scandel. The only thing is Young Boy’s lives and their families are hurting more. PSU someday will rebound but will the boys that were victimized what about them this isn’t about rivalries it’s about a life that someone ruined.Thank You for such a grate letter OSU.

  86. Marilyn Patrick

    Well said. We need to always remember, we’re all in this together. I’m amazed at how all the sayings of my parents’ generation have such value to me now.

  87. Jim Adams

    I am neither an OSU fan or a PENN STSTE fan but this letter reflects my thoughts 100%

  88. Gene

    As aparent cannot be held responsible for the sins of their adult children, Penn State fans cannot be held responsible for the sins of paterno and company. Because PS football was so big his sins in Happy Valley were overlooked. Thank God for a DA who is not afraid to go after them. Paterno deserves punishment way beyond firing. Bet he still gets a pension and being one of the highest paid state employees it wil be a beauty. He should have to forfiet it to the kids he allowed to be put in such danger.

  89. heartbroken lion

    Dear Buckeye Fan,
    Thank you.
    I retract all negative things I’ve ever said about OSU fans.

  90. ...

    That isn’t even the point of the message. All the person is trying to say is to not let this horrific event put the entire school down. No matter what the school is still amazing and needs not to let something like this allow all they have built up break down. Plenty of prayers will be cast and people involved will get what they deserve, but in the long run while all of this happens, the school must stand together as one and not let the walls fall down around them. The one way that PSU has always stayed together was football and if that’s what they need to stay together, by all means let them. Those not accountable for one mans actions should not be put down.

  91. Janet

    Very well said!

  92. Evelyn Darr

    I am a died in the wool OSU fan and have been for many, many years. Since we just went through losing a “good” coach due to poor judgment, let’s give Penn State a little empathy and revert back to when we were hurting also. There is no excuse in what happened and we need to pray for the injured young men and their families. Surely, life will not be the same for any of them. God bless

  93. Jo

    I am in tears reading this! My hubby is a Penn State grad and has always been proud of that. He bleeds “blue and white” but has also cheered for other Big Ten teams. He has even cheered for OSU in big championship games (when at times I am sure he didn’t want to ;). Well when all this chaos, destruction, and sadness began this week, I can honestly say that a part of him died this week. Those that didn’t graduate from Penn State have no idea what that university and JoePa mean to them. Yes, Joe should have done more and yes, he needed to be fired. But to drag Paterno and this fine college through the mud is just wrong. My heart aches for the victims that are going through this now. My heart aches for that football team that needs to play a game but are probably breaking inside with different emotions. My heart aches…..

  94. Katie

    I just want to say thank you. I needed this after the turmoil and the shame that has permeated State College over this past week. Your words of support mean more to us than I can say, and as far as I am concerned, you’re a member of the Penn State family. Doesn’t mean I’ll ever don the red and white but you’re my Big Ten brother (or sister!) and I’ll never forget that Take care, Katie PSU ’12

  95. Katie

    Correction: scarlet and gray haha Just one more point, I agree with everyone else that no one could’ve said this better. You’re one hell of a writer and a friend.

  96. OhioMom

    This letter is so moving and represents what many of us Buckeyes are feeling. To me Penn state has always been one of my favorite rivals,and I always believed it was a rivalry. I wish the school,the students,alumni,fans and most of all the victims the best and pray for their healing.

  97. Jean Challenger

    WOW !!! Thank you, this is my daughters first year at Penn State Main Campus and this was such a good letter for her to read to get that school spirit back where it should be. Thank you, Thank you for an amazing letter from a student from another college. There are good people in this world and you just proved it, loved the letter : )

  98. John Snook

    Wonderful sentiments! Thank you Buckeye fans. Penn State needs your support right now and your very earnest sentiments are much appreciated by everyone in PA! (PS: my father-in-law is a former Buckeye from Lima, OH)

  99. PD in PA


  100. Joan

    Exceptionally well written – Absolutely a brilliant letter. You have beautifully penned with great class and sincerity the thoughts of many Americans whether sports fans or otherwise.

  101. PD in PA

    I think Ohioan got his/her 15 mins of ‘fame’….douche. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  102. psu fan

    Thank you for your support. it is greatly needed at this time.

  103. Dickey

    That is just the words I would have said…Perfectly put together…..

  104. pothole

    THANK YOU!!!! May we all bounce back with Pride and Reestablish our Dignity, Honor, and Integrity. The real issue at PSU is That Jackwagon Sandusky and it should have never gotten to a “FOOTBALL ISSUE” the issue is a sick peverted Asswhipe put the entire University out to drip dry.

    I am sorry for your confussion of burying our Lions Asperations for “WE ARE PENN STATE”

  105. Saddened State

    As a PSU grad, I have spent this week in turmoil. What has happened is unthinkable. This letter finally put into words everything I have felt and brought tears to my eyes.

  106. seamus jasn

    Classy letter, thank you. Mostly classy comments.

  107. Sherry Barker

    This is way bigger than football rivalry. The focus should be on the victims first and foremost. Everyone should be praying for them to be able to get through this horrible injustice and be able to live a normal life. They need to lock this man up and throw away the key! Anyone who knows about this behavior and doesn’t report or investigate it further to see if it is true needs the same punishment. I am so tired of schools, churches, and the world covering up sexual abuse, there is way too much of it. Lets, as human beings put a stop to these unspeakable acts. Quit blaming the victims. For those that are found to falsly accuse another, they should also get the same punishment.

  108. Eileen

    While all this is true I feel you can not ignore the fact that these men in positions of authority who we trusted with our own young adults violated the law by not reporting CHILD ABUSE. I work in a hospital and each year we must do continuing education and competencies. One of the topics we cover is spotting and reporting child and elder abuse. It is against the law as well as human moral code to look the other way or even worse cover for your buddy. Not only should they have been FIRED BUT THEY SHOULD ALSO GO TO JAIL. I have never ever been a Joe Paterno fan and can not believe that some people are uspset that he was not given the chance to retire. For all the years of silence and pretending he and his buddies were above the law he deserves some public humilation at the very least.

  109. lenny

    Very well said

  110. Rhonda

    Dear Real Ohioan,
    You’re an idiot. How dare you disgrace the rest of us Buckeyes with your mindless rants.
    And by the way dickhead, if you had any common sense you would of referred to yourself as a “Real Buckeye” Thanks for being stupid

  111. Ohioan stranded in Texas

    First thing to real Ohioan you are an idiot. I was born and raised in Ohio and all Big 10 games are important. You also totally missed the point of this letter.

    Now on to the important stuff the letter is beautiful and I totally agree.

  112. Brenda

    I agree with the letter! All Penn State fans keep your head up!

  113. Terri

    Dear Buckeye Fan,
    That was extremely well written and thought out. You are a true class act. Great points to ponder.

    Thanks for sharing.

  114. Shirley Johnson

    Such sadness we feel at this time. the kida that now have to relive that horrible day. We will get through this there are a lot of good people guiding our kids. we can only pray that it doesn’t drag on for years. Peace for all Shirley

  115. Patrick

    I am a Penn State proud alumni and am sickened by the events that have been unfolding in Happy Valley. I must say that it overwhelming to see so many OSU alumni posting their concerns, prayers and positive words of encouragement. We are Penn State and thank you OSU for standing at our side with support.

  116. Buckeye Tom

    The letter was classy. Posting it under a picture with t-shirts reading “Legends and Liars” was not. It reminds me that some Penn State fans were not as gracious to Ohio State fans last spring.

    1. Ohioan


      I wrote my reply because any comparison of the two is wrong. And this is a fake letter.

      And no, I have no empathy for institutional child rape.

  117. Penn State Dad

    As the father of a new Penn St grad I very much appreciated your letter. Thank you for your beautiful words and sentiment. It is so hard to clarify the mix of emotions from the sympathy to the victims and their family’s, to the embarassment to our school, to the diminshed trust in humanity. Your letter addressed each of those and it is with your kind of support that will make things right.
    Thank you and I also have passed this along to my son.

  118. Kim

    Well written and well said.. Kudos to you for taking the high road,unlike others…

  119. MiFan

    That was an awesome and well written letter, no matter who wrote it. This is clearly a criminal act and I for one will reserve my assesment of Joe Pa after all the facts are in, I don’t have much respect for media facts and them being the judge, jury and executioner. I love the rivalries in the Big Ten. And I will still love to hate Penn St. and especially OSU on the football field! And I hope you hit every pothole on the way up to the big house because our roads are even worse!

  120. Alex

    Lister here and listen good…you have no idea what that man has done for Penn State. He has done more than bring pride to a football program, he made sure Penn State had the resources it needed to move ahead as a university. He has donated millions to Penn State so that the University could have the research materials needed, a better library and even scholarships in programs that are normally overlooked at other universities. He has done so much that even as a recent Penn State alum I do not know absolutely everything he has contributed but the important thing is that he has done more good in a week than you have in your lifetime.

    I do agree with you however, that this scandal should not revolve around football but the victims of this horrific crime and that is not lost among the students. The students more than likely rioted because Joe Paterno was used as a scapegoat for this entire situation when he was the only one to actually report something. He didn’t even witness it! And yes was maybe too close to the situation to judge with a clear mind considering they had been friends for years whereas the others were not. I am sick and tired of hearing about how Joe Paterno could have done this or that. The Administration he told should have done more, should have investigated more, and the graduate student who witnessed the events should have gone to the police. Shame on you for being as bias as the rest of the population because of a few facts that you have been fed by the media as they attack the most famous figure at Penn State.

    If there is one thing I am and will always be proud of is that I am a Penn State graduate. I did and will continue to participate in THON and raise millions each year for kids with cancer. I am proud to be apart of a school who has been revered by President Obama for its advances in alternative energy and its dedication to a green environment. I am proud to have graduated from the #1 school among recruiters. I am proud to say that I looked up to Joe Paterno as a grandfather figure because that is essentially what he is at Penn State. And finally I am proud to take on all of you who think you can take our universities name and drag it through the mud because of the actions of a few men. Bring it on. I went to an amazing university within an amazing conference known as the Big 10 and we do not take this crap sitting down. We fight for our school and our conference.

    Whoever wrote this letter thank you so much. You have no idea what this means to us Penn Staters who are so affected and shocked by this situation and even though your an Ohio State fan it is nice to see the Big 10 support one another like this.

    1. Nittany Lion Mama

      Well said! Thank you SO MUCH for posting this!

  121. Jesse Auld

    Thank you ohio state…..it means alot

  122. Treadmill Equipment

    Great! Thanks for the share!

  123. laurie

    Thank you! Well said! And we welcome your invitation to kick butt!!!

  124. Brenda Falter

    I was really saddened and angry to see the rioting by students when Joe P. was removed. These students value football more than the safety of innocent children? Who is rioting because of what was done to these kids? What if that was their child, their brother, their sister? This is what Penn State is putting out? Educated students who value “Football” over the safety of children? My heart goes out to the children whose life will NEVER be the same because of the sick selfishness of one coach and the absence of “doing the right thing” by others. Let’s protect the University, and the hell with the kids! I can’t believe this is what the University is producing.I can’t believe all the talk about Saturday’s game,and how their going to sing, “Fight On State” after what
    happened? What about the abused boys, and how they are just going to get on with life? Really? Stand up for what’s right, make that what Penn State stands for!

  125. Richard J. Leary

    I would like to add, Jo Pa did not commit any crime nor does he deserve any punishment. He did what he should have done when he took the problem upstairs to the boss. After all, when i see a crime being commited and report it to the police, am i responsible thereafter for the actions or inactions of the police? as an OSU grad and fan i have never liked penn state, but one must admire a great coach and a good and decent man. I for one, pray for he and his family. I think there are enough rumor mongers like nancy grace around so let us not be one of them.

  126. Joe Sopko

    Great letter. Very well said.

  127. Rob L

    This coming from “Ohio Pawnshop State” fans? Really? Your state sucks so bad even people from it don’t want to support it. See Lebron James.

    1. Buckeye Chuck Finley

      Real original…tool.

  128. Michele Campbell

    Love it!

  129. CatManDoo

    This is ridiculous. At a time when Penn State’s football program is knee-deep in hateful evil acts of heinous disregard for decency, this guy wants to tell ‘em “Chin up. Your football still matters”?

    1. MAH

      CatManDoo, football and their pride is all that matters. Not the victims. Shame on them all.

  130. Ohio State Fan!

    This is Bullshit! You people who have empathy or compassion for Penn St fans have obviously never been to a FUDGEPACKER U – Ohio st game! Everytime I have been to a Penn st game the majority of Penn St fans have been abusive! They have pored urine on our band, thrown beer at our fans, it is actually unbelievable this has never made national news! They call my kids faggots! They have always been the worst fans in college sports! I have been to games all over the US and they are by far the most abusive fans in the nation. I for one love the way they acted the other night too their own media personel and city! You call it a few! You must be blind! They are now EXPOSED for what they have always been! They are like the Catholic church thinking that nobody takes notice because they have Joe Pa The Pope! Well I for one love that the school is now taking notice! Now if they will only do something about urine throwing punks! A few! The whole school has had this mentality for years. The abuse of fans and their own people has got too stop now! Penn St you disgust me!!!!!

    1. heartbroken lion

      Before we judge 46,000 students and over 500,000 alumni for the action of 2,000 albeit students, let’s not forget the point of this letter.
      And by the way, I was at Paterno’s 300th victory…which came at the expense of Ohio State. I remember my girlfriend (now my wife) and I having only what could be human waste flung at us by some irate Buckeye fans as we were leaving the game. Let’s not throw stones.

    2. heartbroken lion

      Before we judge 46,000 students and over 500,000 alumni for the action of 2,000 albeit misguided students, let’s not forget the point of this letter.
      And by the way, I was at Paterno’s 324th victory…which came at the expense of Ohio State. I remember my girlfriend (now my wife) and I having only what could be human waste flung at us by some irate Buckeye fans as we were leaving the game. Let’s not throw stones.

  131. MAH

    These comments make me sick. Poor PSU students and poor Paterno. Please. This isn’t about you and it’s much bigger and more important than your precious football games. This is about the 8 children and who knows how many others that haven’t come forward. Paterno, McQueary, Schultz, Curley and many others turned their backs to those children for the sake of money, reputation and the football program. That monster went on to have contact with little boys through his Second Mile program on PSU grounds, McQueary even participated in Second Mile events and fundraisers with Sandusky after the fact. For anyone to say “you didn’t eat ice cream with Paterno, you didn’t know him” and stick up for him AT ALL makes me sick. The students rioting in support for him should be ashamed. He knew, they all knew, YET THEY DID NOTHING and more boys were victimized. The victims are the only ones that matter and that should matter to anyone with a soul. This is about them, not your PSU pride.

    1. Kel

      I agree MAH. The riots were a joke and made PSU students look heartless out there supporting Joe P instead of the victims that he turned his back to!! Through it all, PSU students still have made this about them and not the victims-they still have pride, and are going to be cheering on their team this week. Good for them. How has this affected them in comparison to those boys? How is this even about them?!! They weren’t the ones being raped and molested. They aren’t the ones having nightmares and stuck going through a lifetime of torment and therapy. Good for you for still having that PSU pride, but most people with morals and a heart could care less. We only care about those men and what they were put through. Just like their football coaches and higher ups, the Penn State students only care about themselves. You’re disgusting.

  132. J.S.A.

    Thank you for the Big 10 support. Football aside, we all have similar goals – and our times at our universities have molded us into the great human beings we are today. As a PSU alumni, I’m proud to be a part of the Big 10 and associated with the great schools of it, like OSU. Fight On, States!

  133. PennState Forever70

    Having started at PSU the year he became head coach, Penn State and JoePA has been a part of my life for a very long time. I am still proud of both PSU and JoePA, although I am very disappointed in Joe and the school administration for falling down on the job. I am greatly saddened by that. That being said, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to tOSU fan who wrote that beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes. You are a kind person with a lot of class. I will look at OSU in a totally different light. Thank you and peace my friend.
    Ohioan, you are entitled to your opinion. but you are a poor excuse for a human being. Crawl back under your rock and don’t come out for awhile. Do the world a favor.

  134. Jonathan Tuke

    As a 2007 graduate to The Pennsylvania State University (NOT UPENN) I am truly embarrassed and outraged at the negligence of all who knew of the alleged rapes and abuse of these children and failed to act. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families. I hope calmer heads will prevail at tomorrows game. I also hope the student body uses the game as an opportunity to support the fight to end child abuse. Please contact every current PSU student and encourage them to do a white out with the blue ribbon showing support for the fight to end hold abuse.

  135. Iam4psu80

    Having been an alumni and fan of Penn State, this mess has shaken me to the core. I too can not wear the blue and white after this has taken place. Thank you OSU fans for making me see the empathy you have for a tragic situation. I may just change my mind about wearing the colors again.

  136. Myers Peterson

    As I read the comments, it’s easy to see how the victims are lost in this story. The bickering comments are shameful.

  137. Jenny r

    As a Penn State student, I want to say thank you. Thank you for your support in this trying time. It is no doubt that this has rocked our university to its core; and you are absolutely right that the actions of a few doesn’t mean those actions are our own too. So, thank you for writing this… it means a lot to know that OSU and PSU aren’t just rivals, but that we are all people too with feelings and emotions. I am so grateful that you took the time to write this.
    Rivalry aside, I truly appreciate your words of encouragement and support.

    Pennsylvania State University student

  138. Marty

    Thank you

  139. George Brittain

    Wow! This makes it harder to root against Ohio State.

  140. BILL

    thank you

  141. Norm

    What garbage. Here’s the truth: both PSU and OSU fans have created these monsters. Their “diehard” allegiance has turned college football into a billion dollar industry, made millionaires out of coaches, and created a situation where right and wrong are balanced against “brand image”. The schools have become like churches and their high priests have whistles around their necks.

    YOU, the OSU fans, are the reason Tressel lied, because without TP and the rest, you and you millions of dollars wouldn’t come out for a bowl game.

    YOU, the PSU fans, are the reason this was allowed to go unreported for so long, because it was more important to protect your devotion to a lie then help a boy that was RAPED.

  142. psu fan from ohio

    Buckeye fans are a classy bunch. thank you.

  143. sandy

    This letter was great. As far as the Ohioian goes..he can stick it where sun don’t shine. It is disgraceful that you are a part of Ohio, if your really are. Dude move out of the state you don’t belong here.

  144. deb

    Thank you to all the supporters, it truly means a lot. To the other uneducated idiots, you don’t deserve a response. This letter was great and very much appreciated in light of all the negative press. Thank you OSU!

  145. Patrick Manley

    I am a graduate and fan of Ohio State. I appreciate this letter, not because it is written by an OSU fan, but because it is written to good people associated with a great institution.

    Although it may be hard for you to see it at the moment, there will be good that comes from this. We at Ohio State have always recognized that your school represents everything that is right about higher education. We understand that you are paying for the sins of a few. It was hard to see Joe Pa fired, but it was the right thing to do. And that is my point. You have a long history at PSU of doing the right thing. This is no different.

    For the last five years, I anticipated that some event would suddenly change college sports forever and possibly lead to the collapse of the NCAA. I had no idea that it would be this. Every parent, student and child owe you gratitude for doing the right thing quickly and decisively.

    This event will be remembered with sadness, anger and embarrassment by Pennsylvanians in much the same way the Kent State shootings are forever lodged in Ohio’s collective memory. We ask ourselves whay and how this happened, but never find the answer. You know, a crisis brings out the best in people. We remember Adam Taliaferro’s injury in 2000. We consider Adam one of us and our entire community was affected by his injury. It seemed it was all that concerned us for many weeks. The remainder of the football season became meaningless. We feel the same way today. We understand what you are going through. We are your friends and you have our respect.

  146. Sandy Haller

    Thanks.I really needed that.

  147. Sean


    Out of respect for the victims and in defiance of those directly and indirectly responsible, known and unknown, still associated with the university and with the football program, please consider standing in silence for the duration of the game on Saturday. And please pass this along. We, not the administration, are Penn State.

  148. Wayne Dorise


  149. Heather R.

    Thank you for this. It is one of the most touching things I have read since all of this began. Your support and understanding are greatly appreciated…I only wish more people could offer it.
    A PSU 08′ Alum!!

  150. Buckeye Lady

    Great letter. I’m proud this fan is apart of the Buckeye Nation. No one minced words about The Ohio State University during our tough times, but we’re used to it. This letter shows extreme class. I feel extremely sorry for the Penn State Community, especially the members of the football team. After our hellish Summer, I was so proud of my fellow Buckeyes for showing up and cheering on our boys like nothing ever happened. That is exactly what Penn State fans need to do tomorrow. Those boys will need you more than ever. Show the team how firm thy friendship. See you next week!

  151. Smartest personuknow

    Idolize some guy that plays or coaches football…give me a break…another bunch of weak people that were corrupted by money and power…I idolize the people that invented indoor plumbing, electric power, mass farming, medicine, etc…..if I take these away from you, within 72 hours you won’t give a rats azz who is playing football where, when or if ever..time to get some perspective, get some justice for the victims and move on.

  152. susan

    Students across the country strive to attend a Prestigious University that upholds honor, dignity and values in order to strive for the best educational opportunity available. These despicable acts undermind the core essence of the institution. The abuse of those innocent victims at the hand of someone who misused his power taking advantage of the admiration of the innocent children can not be tolerated. This is not the students of Penn State but a leech who infiltrated into the Penn State establishment . Let the healing begin. Let’s pray for the victims show them sympathy and send them messages of love and support

  153. Bob from State College

    Jesus Christ, I started reading this and I just broke down crying. Whoever you are, thank you so much……

  154. TJ

    I am a Penn State Alumni. Thanks for the great letter and although there are some idiots on both sides- this letter reminds me of all the good things I heard from the Penn State Football team and community towards Ohio State after the Adam Taliaferro injury. It seemed like everyone realized that support was about more than football and school loyalties then and it is similar now.

  155. heartbroken lion

    It saddens mean that this letter was meant as an outpouring of goodwill, and some (I repeat only SOME) of the comments on this board are rife with judgement and ill will.
    You know who you are….shame on you.

    1. dave

      Pretty much all of this is inane, pointless, venting about things that do not matter except the suffering of the children. You make yourselves look very, very, painfully stupid.

  156. Jen

    Ohioan, I’m glad I don’t know you because you are an angry and ignorant person. Way to represent your fine institution! Ever heard of being a good sport? It’s a GAME, so get over yourself.

  157. Craig

    As Penn State Alum, I appreciate the kind words. Because of you I might actually cheer for the Buckeyes this weekend (don’t hold me to that though LOL). Looking forward to OSU and PSU playing now. Thanks

  158. Markj

    Honestly, Ohio’s roads are the worst in the country. Way worse than those in PA. Ohioan, your an idiot and probably from massillon.

  159. buckeyejt

    I stand behind your letter and truly hope this problem at Penn State will be resolved in a timely manner and let all get back to there daily life. God bless the children. Go Bucks!

  160. Tony

    Well said and thanks. Won’t be easy but we will move on. See you in Columbus to seal the division title for us

  161. phil huston

    Great letter makes you proud to be a buckeye fan

  162. psu local

    FYI…in this case when your refering to fudgepackers and PervSU your not refering to perverts and gays …your referring to CHILDREN!!!!!

  163. lawnranger

    This is what happens when man idolizes man. Almost always disappointed and we always get what we deserve, either in this life or after.

  164. Linda

    Thank you OSU Fan for your kindness. We are shaken to the core but appreciate the reminder that – We Are Still Penn State.

    Linda – Class of 1988…

  165. NittanyBlue

    As a PSU alum and diehard Nittany Lion who has been devastated by this wee’s revelations, I want to extend a personal and heartfelt thanks to the author of this letter and those who have commented with kind words of support. One of my best friends is a Buckeye and, although game day puts us on opposite sides of the field, there’s no doubt that OSU has an abundance of great people on their sidelines and in their stands. I stand by our great school and those I have always loved and respected. I pray for all who are victims of this scandal and hope that we will soon be enlightened with the answers we all seek. I hope that our current students and players are enveloped and comforted by the warmth and compassion expressed here! Long may the PSU/OSU rivalry live in spirited competition, as friendship and support between the two flourishes!

  166. DonH

    As a Son of Sparty (that’s a Michigan State alum for you non-Big-10 types), I, for once, couldn’t agree more with what a Buckeye had to say. A cult of personality is never a healthy thing and here’s looking forward to watching your school realize that life will, in fact, go on.

  167. Erika Alley

    To know that there are people out there, that understand the heartache that some of us students are feeling, is a relief. We have read the barbs that people have posted and we have heard what is being said.
    I am a senior and will be graduating in December. I am proud to call Penn State my school. I have worked very hard for the education that I have received. I put blood , sweat and tears into my degree. No one can take away my accomplishment; not even a tainted sports program!
    The reputation of many well respected Penn State employees have put a black spot on the university’s reputation, but it wasn’t me that did it. I was not there; I did not condone these actions.
    But one thing is definite: we will come back from this. Penn state will sustain. Because of people like you, there is hope. When I walk down that aisle a few weeks from now, I will hold my head high. I will have received a degree from one of the best educational systems in the entire country.
    Thank you for your kind words and understanding. We WILL see you on the green in Ohio!

  168. jewel

    Once again..society places too much emphasis on athletics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Corey

    Awesome words and sentiment! Much love to the writer and PSU and PSU our Rival and Friend!

  170. jason

    “BUCKEYE FAN” >> I am a WOLVERINE FAN , who think that your comments capture the sentiments of the entire Big Ten family.GO Legends and Leaders.

  171. NIECEE

    “There is no defense for the number of people in positions of authority who had an opportunity to stop Sandusky and did not.”…I WHOLE HEARTILY AGREE…”The university, responding to information provided by a graduate student in 2002 that he witnessed Sandusky performing anal sex in the shower on a boy about 10 years old, did nothing. The university did not call authorities and did not ever sever ties with Sandusky, allowing him to maintain an office on campus for years.”!!!!!!!!!!!!….AND JOEPA AND Mike McQueary WHO reported seeing Jerry Sandusky in the shower with a boy in 2002 BEING RAPED???….AND, CONTINUED TO SUPPORT THE SECOND MILE CHARITY AND ATTENDED EVENTS FOR SANDUSKY FOR YEARS AFTER WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE 2002 CHILD RAPE??? THEY FACILITATED SANDUSKY TO OBTAIN MORE VICTIMS THROUGH HIS SO-CALLED CHARITY. OMG….AND YET WE CHEER AND STAND IN SOLIDARITY FOR THIS UNIVERSITY AND ALL THE GOOD IT STANDS FOR????? A TOTAL UTTER DISGRACE AND A TOTAL DENIAL OF FACTS OF ALL IN ATTENDANCE! A TOTAL OUTRAGE!

  172. Mike

    In 1994, my wife and I went to the Citrus Bowl to see Penn State play Tennessee.

    There was an overwhelming large contingent of fans wearing orange at the game.

    Our blue and white shirts were barely visible.

    The Nittany Lions won the game 31-13.

    We expected a lot of nonsense from the Volunteer rooters after the game.

    To the contrary, the Vols were incredibly nice. A number of them walked by and said things like, “Nice game.”

    One group invited us over for a beer.

    I have been a Tennessee fan, so long as they aren’t playing PSU, ever since.

    You have made me a Buckeye fan too, so long as they aren’t playing PSU.

    If the Buckeyes play the Vols, I‘ll just hope for a great game.

    PSU ‘68

  173. Sandy

    Thank you for the well written letter. It may have changed, if just for a little while, my feelings about OSU and it’s fans.
    Best wishes

  174. KENNY=OSU


  175. ACCfanAlumni

    Hilarious and scary! The Big 10 trying to console and ridicule each other, “We feel you pain” “Youre a looser” “No I’m not, you’re not even a real rival” REALLY? College athletics is out of control. This is a mere symptom of a much bigger problem. Abuse of power and justice. There are no winners in Pa. Go ahead cheer your teams. The victims had no one supporting them at the crucial time they needed it most. The Nation is watching.

  176. holly timms

    that is very well written thank you unknown.. nobody else could of said it better.. and may God Bless and watch over you.

  177. joyklingensmith

    Ty. you straightened me right up,as far as my attitude for our young men and women who do carry our legends on. As you mentioned the faculty will hsve to sleep in their beds.

  178. Elizabeth

    Um…The whole damn football program knew about this since 1999-along with a bunch of administrators at Penn State – they ARE Penn State. They’re sick and they should all burn in eternal hell. The pedophile worked among and out with the people who are there today up until a couple of weeks ago. A prayer for kids who have been brutally raped is not quite enough – even if you love football and worship that god.

  179. We Are.

    First of all? I refuse to put any stock in someone who “owns a company” and cannot correctly type a contraction. It’s “you’re” for “you are”, you pathetic imbecile.

    Secondly, this is a great letter. It shows that people can be bigger and better than college football, whether a rivalry exists or not. As a Texas Tech alum, we are among the most hated teams in the nation. Not because we have actually had any scandals persay, but because we are just generally mean fans and some of us frankly are not that bright.

    I grew up in Penn State culture. My parents, my aunt and uncle and a good portion of my family are Penn State alums. I was dressed in blue and white from the day I was born, and I still remain proud of that fact. I will support Penn State until the day I die. Why? Because a University cannot act as a single entity. Sandusky is a sick, depraved monster and my heart goes out to those boys that were victimized, but I refuse to pass blame on those that were not responsible. Penn State should still be proud of the legacy that they have built and their students and alumni should be proud of their accomplishments. It sickens me that anybody in this nation would choose to equate PSU as a whole with this scandal and in any way tarnish their reputation as not only a powerhouse football program, but as a top tier university with so much to offer its community.

    When things like this happen, we should be above college affiliations…and just remember to be people. I am so sorry, Penn State, that his tragedy has happened. I hope that things will resolve themselves as they should and the guilty parties punished.

    Thank you, to whoever wrote this letter, for proving there are still human beings in the world.

    We Are.

  180. Meg

    Absolutely love this & agree with this. As a OSU alumni & employee, I definitely know the shame & embarrassment when those you respect twist your pride in knots because of their immoral acts. So much more so for PSU fans. I agree…pray for the children involved & then cheer for those boys who are actually on the field every Saturday putting everything they have on the line when their minds are sure to be distracted. they deserve our support.

  181. suzanne

    Thank you for this letter. We are devastated and close to suicidal. How do you go on after this?

  182. Nittany Lion Mama

    Thank you to whomever wrote this! As a Penn State alumni and proud fan, the events of this past week have been gut wrenching to say the least. Today’s game was the beginning of a very long healing process. We so appreciate the support of the Big Ten schools-and especially this letter from an OSU fan.

  183. Fx Stryker

    The only problem I have with this is

    “They are not a century of football tradition.” JoePa kind of is. :/

    We are Penn State.

  184. Theresa

    WE do not know what Mr. Paterno knew and to assume that he knew what happened to those boys is rediculous, just REDICULOUS! I’m sad for the young men who have lived with what happened, but I do not agree with the firing of Mr. Paterno!! :( Just remember the only one to judge is the good Lord up above! Remember this. Keep Joe in your prayers! :)

  185. Brandye

    To the person who wrote that letter, thank you. Sincerely, thank you so much for saying this.

  186. NYer

    I am neither from Ohio or Penn. Quite frankly, if you’ve ever been close to anyone whose been molested as a child, you’ll know the the damage is irreperable. Yea.. There’s therapy and shrinks and what not, but quite frankly you’re fucked. And that’s for life. I might understand how the Penn Staters feel; disappointments a bitch, but I’m MORE concerned about the feeling of the victims and how their whole lives are gonna be fucked up. Honestly, the ‘important individuals’ who had the power to stop this and prevent further damage let RAPE and child MOLESTATION Fall in the shadows of football, and image. And I personally feel that’s EXACTLY what this letter does. It’s ludicrous to think All of Penn state should be deemed perverts but the environment these leaders created is horrific, and there’s nothing wrong with questioning the nature of the ethical mindset. And as proof, the protesting of the students even AFTER the fact that they knew what their coach was guilty of. This shit is unacceptable, and as a HuMAN I can’t focus on the football, rivalry, alumni and fans; not when a rapist was allowed to keep doing what he did best. I appreciate the approach of this letter to empathize with Penn state, but I empathize with the sodomized boys.

  187. Realist

    If someone raped you, and you read this letter, how would you feel? Penn state: suffering from embarrassment and shock that their sooo perfect football team leaders don’t have halos. Raped boys: a lifelong battle to deal with what was done to them. this rivalry and alumni bullshit is just as ridiculous as Joe not saying anything. And the whole ‘passing judgment’ issue, yeah.. If Joe passed judgment and did what he had to do, he coulda saved a couple of innocent normal lives. Not tryin to be an asshole, but they’ll live. Penn state’s good rep will eventually prevail because there’s too much $ behind it for it not to. Those boys will be victims forever.

  188. Dianne

    Thank you Buckeye fan!! We’ll see about that upcoming game though!

  189. ProudPSU97

    Thank you to the author of this heartfelt note, it was extremely nice to read. To everyone else that is charged up over this, actions speak louder than words. Make a donation to RAINN today – http://www.proudtobeapennstater.com/

  190. seo

    Undeniably believe that which you stated. Your favorite reason seemed to be on the net the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people consider worries that they plainly don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

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