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Our Exclusive Interview With Flyers Winger, James Van Riemsdyk

Complete Audio of the Interview


Dime A Dozen Questions (Clean Version)

Name (What do your friends call you?) – “Reemer”, since my freshman year in high school. The guys couldn’t really say my last name, so they just started calling me “Reemer” and it kind of stuck from there.
Age- 22
Hometown- Middletown, NJ

1. Favorite food- chicken queso burrito from Qdoba. I was introduced to that in Ann Harbor, Michigan when I played for the U.S. National team, and it’s been my favorite place ever since.

2. Favorite sport’s team/city when you were growing up- Unfortunately for Philadelphia, I was a big New York sports fan. So the Yankees, Rangers, Jets. They were all my teams growing up.

3. Who you think is the hottest celebrity- Kate Upton. She is pretty good.

4. Favorite thing about Philly – The city in general is great. It’s a big city, but it has a small scale to it. It’s big enough at times, and small enough at times. That’s pretty cool.

5. Favorite thing about PSU- I would have to say the football program. You got Joe Paterno, the legend, coaching there. I think it’s pretty cool that they are going to have college hockey. I think that will be great for college hockey and they shouldn’t have a problem getting good players.

6. Favorite Moment as a Flyer- Wow. I have three. My first career goal, the Winter Classic, and playing in the Stanley Cup Finals my first year.

7. Dream job, other than NHL player- I think I have my dream job right now, but other than hockey? Maybe something else in sports. I really like soccer and football, and I play a little tennis in the off season.

8. Favorite TV show- My two favorites are Dexter and Friday Night Lights.

*Are you an Entourage Guy? – Yea, I’m looking forward to that season too. I’m pretty sure that Dan Carcillo might be getting a guest appearance on one of the episodes, so we’ll have to keep our eyes pealed for that.

9. Favorite music genre- I like a little bit of everything, so that’s tough to pick one. But I mean, everything from rap to hip-hop, to some country. My favorite muscians are John Mayer and Dave Mathews Band.

The Important Stuff

Reaction to Carts and Richie being traded? – I think, like everyone else, I was pretty surprised to see two guys like that get traded. At the end of the day it’s a business. My agent told me a long time ago, ‘If Wayne Gretzky can get traded, any one can get traded.’ Obviously those two guys were great teammates, great friends, and it’s tough to see guys like that go. But at the same time, it’s part of the business and it gives other guys a chance to step in. Some big shoes to fill for sure.

Have you had a chance to talk to Carter or Richards since the moves? – I texted them both, just to say thanks for everything. I mean, they were great to me and I couldn’t have asked for two better guys to have as guys to look up to breaking into the NHL. It definitely helped me a lot over my two years so far in Philly, and I can’t say thanks enough to those guys.

Do You Know anything about the new, young guys coming in? – I played against Simmonds and Voracek in the World Juniors. Voracek was in my draft year, so I have got to know him a little through some of the stuff we did in the draft. Obviously all three of the guys, actually all four of those guys, are great players and obviously Bryzgalov is one of the best goalies in the league for quite some time now. He’s a great player, and I think all those guys will be a great addition to the Flyers.

Who wears the C next year if you had to choose?- That’s something I’m glad I don’t really have to worry about decisions like that. We have a lot of great leaders in the room. There’s a number of different guys that you could probably pick to be captain. Kimmo Timonen, Chris Pronger, Danny Briere – guys that have been captains before. We got a lot of guys that set good examples in the lockerroom, so there’s a lot of different choices, I’m sure, for the coaching staff and management. I’m sure they will make a good decision.

Do you deserve an A? Do you want it? Do you even care? You know what, as a player you just go out there and try to work hard. Everyone is a leader in their own right. Obviously in a game like hockey, you have to have everyone on the same page. Everyone basically buying into the team. At the end of the day you have to have twenty leaders on the team. It would obviously be a huge honor, but you try not to worry about stuff like that.

Expectations for next season? Cup or Bust? I think in Philly that’s how it always is, almost for every sport. Obviously that’s something that were pushing for and that’s one of the great things about playing in Philadelphia. We are put in a position every year to be a really competitive team and have some great success. I think it’s a great organization to play in, in that regard.

Thoughts on playing in your 2nd Winter Classic in 3 years? – That’s pretty lucky. That’s one of the great things about playing in a big market city, like Philadelphia. You get the opportunity to play in games like that, and the first one was a lot of fun. I can only imagine this one to be that much better.

Thoughts on being on HBO’s 24/7 series? Did you watch it last season?– Yea, it was pretty cool to watch. It was something that was really great for hockey in general and grabbed the attention of some casual fans. That will be something that will be pretty cool and I am looking forward to that.

What should we expect? Who’s the jokester in the lockerroom? – That’s like a good movie. I don’t know if I should throw any pointers out. I think that would be better off for everyone if they just kind of see it and let it go from there, keep it all a big secret.

Lindros/Leclair, Richards/Carter, now you and G? – You know what? It’s exciting. I mean obviously we have those two guys that did great things for the Flyers over the years and now that those guys are gone, there are other players that need to step up and try to fill those roles. That’s a challenge and an opportunity you really embrace and something that comes with a lot of hard work. You got to work for everything you get. I’m really looking forward to that challenge and that opportunity next year, and it should be an exciting year.

Rapid Fire Questions

Best cheesesteak in Philly? – Genos

What kind of car do you drive? - BMW

Thoughts on the fans in Philly? – passionate, extremely passionate

All-time favorite hockey player? – Adam Graves

Best friend on the team? – Giroux

Toughest goalie/defenseman to score against? – Timmy Thomas and Ryan Miller are two pretty tough guys.

Typical day in the life of “Reemer”? – Nothing to glamorous. Practice in the morning, come back and usually take an afternoon nap so I don’t get too cranky, and then maybe hang out. I can’t really watch TV shows throughout the year, so I’ll get those on DVD and go from there. Nothing too crazy and out of the ordinary.

How many goals this season? 30? 40? 50? – We’ll see about that. I try not to worry about numbers too much, and the only number you want to work on is how many wins we get. When good stuff happens with the team, good stuff happens to individual players. So we’ll just go from there and see what happens.

*Special thanks to “Reemer” for talking with us!

Complete Audio of the Interview

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