May 24

ESPN.com’s, David Schoenfield, Seems to Think the Phils Should Trade Dom Brown For Hunter Pence

[ESPNAstros trade OF Hunter Pence to Phillies for OF Domonic Brown and P Jarred Cosart.

Why should the Astros trade their best player? For several reasons: (1) He’s good, but notthat good; he does a lot of nice things on a baseball field, but a mediocre OBP prevents him from being a true star. (2) He’s starting to get expensive. He won $6.9 million in arbitration for 2011 and will likely get at least $10 million next season. (3) He’s 28, and while he’s at his peak right now, he may not be at his peak as he turns 30 … aka, by the time the Astros are likely to be good again.

As for the Phillies, they are in win-now mode. Sure, Brown and Cossart are arguably their top prospects, but the jury remains out on how much Brown will contribute this season. They risk giving up a future All-Star, but Pence gives them a much-needed dependable bat for the middle of the lineup. With $24 million of Raul Ibanez and Brad Lidge coming off the books after this season, the Phillies can also afford to pick up Pence’s future salary.

Very early in the season, our good friends and fellow GWHS grads over at Brotherly Glove (great in-depth Phils coverage, follow them on twitter @coreyseidman and @ericseidman) were the first to propose the idea of Hunter Pence in a Phillies uniform. And it makes sense. A right-handed outfielder, than can hit (Pence is a .288 lifetime hitter, and about 25 hr’s and 90 RBI’s a season).

But their idea was to bring in Pence to play, grow, alongside D-Brown. Now, David Schoenfield is saying that Brown would be included in the deal for Pence, and while I think Pence would be a perfect fit, I don’t want to get rid of Dominic Brown. I have confidence that Brown will be a great player for many years. An outfield of Pence, Victorino, and Brown sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Corey, from BrotherlyGlove.com, seems to think Schoenfield’s idea is all PR, and is unrealistic.

1 star for trade Brown, we NEED Pence to win WS this year
10 stars for do NOT trade Brown, he will be a stud

S/O Snake

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