Mar 27

VIDEO: Flyers Roll Isles Behind JVR’s First Career Hat Trick


Awesome. So many reasons this is fuckin’ awesome.

1. Awesome to see the Flyers get a convincing win. It’s been awhile.  These type of wins have been known to propel the Flyers onto larger winning streaks this season, and no better time to start a winning streak than now. The Flyers have 8 games remaining in the regular season, and sit a top the eastern conference, two points ahead of the Caps.

  • With the win, the Flyers recorded their 100th point last night. They also tied a franchise record with 24 road wins. The Flyers (45-19-10) are one win away from the franchise’s first 50 win season since 1985-86.

2. Awesome to see JVR succeed. I have backed the Middletown, NJ native for the entirety of his short (145 games) career. He was taken in and out of the lineup last season, and the fans and media were hating on his game all season. This season, with the hat trick last night, he has 19 goals. He has a good size, he’s a great skater, he scores goals, and has tremendous upside.

JVR on the hat trick:

“I tried not to think about the hat trick too much, but some of the guys were busting my chops and telling me to go for it,” van Riemsdyk said. “You never really know if it’s going to happen, but I was getting a lot of good bounces out there tonight.” CSNPhilly

3. The third reason it was awesome was the fact that so many hats hit the ice, in NY. The Flyers fan were abundant in Long Island, and JVR’s road hat trick, still drew a fair number of hats.




Books for the world ; Canisius High School student is on a mission

The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY) May 3, 2008 | Brian Meyer Greg Henzler Jr., 17, is anything but a bookworm. So why has the Canisius High School student been stashing thousands of books in his family’s East Amherst garage? canisiushighschoolnow.com canisius high school

He has a bold plan. His goal is to collect 50,000 books, then ship them to needy children in African nations and other distressed countries around the world.

He already has collected 3,500 books from local schools, churches, cultural institutions and private donors. Individuals with ties to shipping companies have expressed an interest in working with him on the logistics of moving the bulky goods thousands of miles.

Greg calls his crusade to promote literacy “Books Around the World.” He launched it a few months ago as a way of taking some of the sting out of a painful personal setback.

Greg is a lifelong jock. His passion for hockey helped lure him to Canisius. In his freshman year, he also started rowing and was part of a crew that won a national championship.

But a medical condition that had bothered him since his freshman year prompted him to make an excruciating decision a few months ago. He knew he had to give up rowing. And he was miserable.

“I was moping around and just wasn’t being a nice person to a lot of people,” he recalled. “At night, when I was listening to music, I would just break into tears.” His friend, John Urschel Jr., recognized that Greg was distraught. Urschel felt for his buddy but also thought he needed to hear some tough talk.

“John told me, ‘Man, give it up. Rowing is in the past.’ He then said something like, ‘You know, one of the best ways to forget about your problems is to worry about someone else’s.’ ” They started talking about a volunteer effort Greg was involved in when he was freshman. He and some friends collected books used in Canisius classes, then donated them to incoming needy students.

Greg figured he already knew something about collecting and distributing books. He decided to broaden the focus beyond Canisius’ Delaware Avenue campus to schools, missions and other destinations in countries such as Kenya, Liberia, Tanzania, Bangladesh and the Dominican Republic. While books geared to reading levels pre-K through the 12th grade are preferred, he is not turning down many tomes. see here canisius high school

He did his homework, finding out which countries had high concentrations of English-speaking people, combined with high rates of illiteracy and economically distressed conditions. Word of his campaign spread throughout the Canisius community, and he talked with a contact at the national headquarters for Jesuits in New York City.

Teachers, librarians and friends at Canisius volunteered to search for book donors and help with collections. Greg stressed he wouldn’t have come this far without the help of people like John, Paul Bork, Christian Martinez, John Michels, Bob Luthringer, Paul Cumbo, Denise Diaz, and a dozen others.

Diaz is a Spanish teacher at Canisius who has known Greg since he was a freshman. She said Books Around the World has energized many students, especially Greg.

“He has come alive again. I have him first period in the morning and he had been very depressed. This has given him purpose,” Diaz said.

In addition to collecting books, Greg realizes he will need many thousands of dollars to pay for shipping — even at bargain- basement prices. He plans to try to “piggyback” on a local not-for- profit group to facilitate such donations.

One spinoff benefit is that he is learning a lot about the business world, and he thinks that’s where his career is headed.

“Business is where my gifts are, I think,” said the teen, who started his own lawn-mowing and spring cleanup company after graduating from eighth grade. “Who knows? Maybe I’ll go into something like ‘Books Around the World’ as a career. But right now, I take things day by day.” What happens when Greg’s collection of tomes outgrows his garage?

He said a Buffalo church has agreed to help him store the literary stash.

Brian Meyer

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