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Top 10 Late-Night Drunk Food Places at Penn State

*[This was written on February 9th, 2011]

Yet another one of our TSP original lists. This list is brought to you by the “Tumanator”, a long time friend of ours, and someone who knows his late night Penn State food better than any fat ass on campus. Sound off in the comments with your opinions on the list.

10.  D.P. Dough – Open until 3:30 AM on weekends (Deliver)

Just making it into the top ten, D.P. Dough is king of calzones.  With over 50 different styles of calzones, you really can’t go wrong with what you choose.   And if your with your buddies, feel free to get few different kinds and split em’ up.

Food of Choice: Buffer Zone (Buffalo Chicken) or Construction Zone (Build your own)

9.  Jimmy Johns – Open until 3:00 AM all week

If your dyin’ for a hoagie (or sub, or hero, or whatever the hell you people call it) then Jimmy Johns is the spot to be.  Their menu is chock full of meaty specialty sandwiches and their fresh baked bread compliments it perfectly.  They have tons of indoor seating to take a break from the cold and hang out with your friends over a sloppy late night meal.

Food of Choice: “The Vito” (Genoa salami, cappicola, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, and sweet Italian vinaigrette.  And don’t forget to add the SPICY PEPPERS.)

8. College Pizza – Open until 3:00 AM all week (Deliver)

The first pizza in the top ten, but not the last.  College Pizza is home to the second best late night slices in town.  Located directly under College Mart (also a good spot for dutchie pickup or quick snack) CP has plenty of indoor seating (and outdoor) to keep warm and avoid the cold. However, College Pizza charges $1.50 for a slice in comparison to Canyon’s $1 per slice. The extra .50 cents slows down the lines, and isn’t very efficient.

Food of Choice: “The Combo” (2 slices, breadstick, refillable drink for $3.50)

“The Combo” is a staple of late night drunk food here at Penn State.  In my personal opinion, you just can’t go wrong with “The Combo”.  Oh, and don’t forget to cover your pizza in ranch and dip your breadstick in the spicy marinara.

7. Insomnia Cookies – Open until 3:00 AM on the weekends (Deliver)

If you have the late night munchies and are craving some desert, GO TO INSOMNIA.  Seriously, you will not regret your decision.  This hot spot has fresh baked cookies, brownies, and pastries that literally melt in your mouth. They usually offer some pretty good combo deals as well, so look out for that.

Food of Choice: Snicker doodle ice-cream sandwich (Vanilla ice cream pressed between 2 steaming hot snicker doodles)

6. Griller’s – Open until 3:00 AM from Tues. – Sat. (Deliver)

Grillers is probably the most unique late night spot in State College.  Everything on their menu is a hit and it’s VERY cheap.  Some of the highlights on their menu are mini cheese steaks,  grilled cheese, homemade chili, chicken parms, jalapeño poppers, cheese fries, and dollar dogs.

Food of Choice: 2 mini cheeseburgers, dollar dog, and a grilled cheese for under $5

5. Gumby’s – Open until 4AM on weekends (Deliver)

Cutting right to the chase, Gumby’s does not make this list for its pizza, because frankly, it sucks!  There is only 1 real thing to get at Gumby’s…

ONLY Food of Choice: Pokey Stix

Pokey Stix make the top five simply because they are addicting and irresistible.  It is an entire pie of cheesy bread cut up into bite size dipping sticks.  Make sure to get the marinara, ranch, and garlic sauce with your order.  Trust me, you can’t go wrong with the Pokey Sticks, they are a legend of late night munchies here at PSU.

4.  Canyon Pizza – Open until 3:45 on weekends (Deliver)

It wouldn’t be fair not include Canyon Pizza into the PSU top ten.  Canyon is the outdoor late night HUB for drunks to get their pizza and its located right in the middle of the action.  On any given weekend night, there are likely to be at least 100 kids waiting in line, jammed packed in the store, or just hanging out with friends in front.  In the summer that number increased to a 1,000. If you are coming to PSU to visit for a weekend, you gotta hit up Canyon to make your trip official.

Food of Choice: Dollar Slices (Add ranch and spicy marinara)

3. Are U Hungry – Open until 4:00 AM on weekends (delivery)

Nothin’ like a good old fashioned Fat Sandwich.  If you are starving for some late night grub, this is definitely a place to check out.  They have a huge menu of specialty sandwiches called the “Fat Sandwiches” which are stuffed with crazy ingredients like fries, mozz sticks, cheese steak, eggs, and so much more.  Are U Hungry really does make a kick ass sandwich and is well worth waiting in line for.  Oh, and don’t forget to grab a dutchie on your way out or put it with your delivery.

Foods of Choice:

  • Fat Blunt (Cheesesteak, pork roll, egg, mozz sticks, mayo, ketchup)
  • Fat Bitch (Cheesesteak, chicken fingers, mozz sticks, mayo, ketchup)
  • Fat Mouse (Chicken fingers, mozz sticks, jalepeno poppers, mayo, ketchup)

2.      Wings Over Happy Valley – Open until 3:15 on weekends (Only Delivery)

The second best late night spot in State College is Wings Over. They have over 20 flavors of wing sauces to choose from and great combo deals to go in on with your friends.  Also, their delivery service is probably the fastest around.  No lie, it once got to my house in less than 8 minutes of placing my delivery.

Food of Choice: Hanger 1 (1 pound of boneless wings, fries, 2 drinks)

  • My personal sauce favorites: Jamaican Jerk, Cajun Teriyaki, Jet Fuel

1. McDonalds – Open until forever

It wouldn’t be a late night top ten without Mickie D’s (or wack-arnolds as I like to call it when I am drunk)  I mean c’mon, who doesn’t like McDonalds when they are drunk.  But McDonald’s at Penn State is a whole new experience. The McDonalds in State College goes absolutely insane starting at 1 AM on from Thursday to Sunday. The place is literally jammed to the door with screaming drunk kids.  It really is a site to see. The food is always quick, hot, and fresh.


Food of Choice: “McGangBang” (McChicken stuck between the patties of a double cheeseburger.  It looks a little something like this…)

Don’t be afraid to fully stack your McGangBang with extras like fries or a dipping sauce.

Honorable Mentions:

1.      Coronado’s (Gluten Free pizza, and a decent thin crust slice)
2.      Zimmie’s ($3 pies on Sundays, seriously…)
3.      Margarita’s Pizza (Even though they are not open on weekends, they have the best pizza in town.  No joke.  If you want a good slice for lunch, go there!)
4.      Bell’s Pizza (Phenomenal, cheap pizza, with great seating. Guaranteed to get it after you go to the Gaff)


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  1. Bean

    I was mad that dp dough was #10 and wings over wasn’t #1 but then I saw #1 and was very pleased. loveeeee mickey d’s <333

  2. D-Money

    Dude, Corrinado’s is hands down the best pizza in State College and it’s cheap as fuck. Buy one get one free on Lionmenus every day.

  3. nicole

    mmmmmn canyon pizza :)

  4. KnighTrain

    First off your guys lists are sick and go on the site everyday, but this list is right on track perfect for when I’m drinking I’m def getting food from one of these places, and already have numerous times. Good work.

    1. The School Philly

      Thanks man. We appreciate it.

  5. Matty

    wac arnolds and ron’s house are the only two acceptable names for mcdonald’s at any time of day

  6. Jordan

    Damn, How is Bells Greek not on here?!?!

    Best Pizza in State College. 555 deal and they deliver till 3am.

    Missed that one…

    1. TSP

      Agreed. Bell’s is phenomenal. Definitely deserves to be on this list.

  7. john

    bells & taco bell should have found its way on … way better dp dough and insomnia cookies

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