Oct 26

The Tuesday Throwdown Showdown

With the 2010-11 NBA regular season set to begin tonight, I propose a question for the ages: LeBron or Kobe? But some say, what about Wade?

Kobe Bryant


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LeBron James


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Dwayne Wade


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I threw Wade in there because I love Wade, but the classic debate is LeBron vs. Kobe

All you Kobe people will give me championships. 5 of them. Incredible. He is the ultimate winner and competitor. His determination is second to none.

But look at LeBron’s numbers. Although he is the only one out of the trio that has NOT won a championship, his numbers are historic. He is a physical specimen, at 6 foot 8 inches, and 250 pounds. He can play any position on the court you want, from point guard to center. A triple double is not out of his reach any given night, and a come-from-behind block is almost guaranteed.

Kobe is a unquestionably a better pure scorer, and shooter. Kobe is a better winner. Kobe is a better on-the-ball defender. And maybe, if there is one guy in the world you want to have the ball in the final seconds of a basketball game, then well, you gotta go with Kobe.

But LeBron is everything else. A better passes, rebounder, shot blocker. He is faster, more explosive, and more dominant on a consistent basis. But most importantly, he is younger. He is constantly setting statistical records every single year, and he’s only 26 years old. Kobe is 32 years old, and has played 7 more season than LeBron.

So while both of these players are two of the NBA’s best all-time players, keep in mind, LeBron is already exactly that. He is already in the category with Kobe Bryant, but he has another 7-10 seasons or so left to play. Oh yeah, and now he’s got a new team to play for.

And neither LeBron or Kobe is the most exciting player in the league. Maybe Dwayne Wade is not the best player in the NBA, but he is definitely in the top 5, and for me, the most fun to watch. Wade is only 28 years old, and like LeBron only has played 7 seasons. His downfall might be injuries, but if he can stay healthy, him and Bron-Bron in Miami is going to be a dynamic duo for years to come.

By the way, guess how many tattoos Wade has? None. I respect that.

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