Oct 13

PSU's Dime A Dozen

The School Philly created a new segment called “PSU’s Dime A Dozen.” This segment will feature Penn State girls only, and a series of a dozen fun survey questions that she will answer. Say cnacertificationnow.org hello to our first “Dime A Dozen”…

Name- Erica
Major- Community Environment Development (CED)
Hometown- Wernersville, PA
Status: @agoodman18 <3
Sorority?: No



1. Favorite Food- Grammy’s mac and cheese

2. Favorite Sports Team/City- Penn State Football

3. Hottest Celebrity- Reggie Bush

4. getridofstretch.net Favorite Thing About PSU- Tailgating

5. Favorite Alcoholic Beverage- Jack and Coke

6. Craziest Place You Had Sex- The Ocean

7. Favorite Class at PSU- Humor Literature with Dr. Beebee

8. First Thing You Look For In Guys- prenatalvitaminsnow.net Teeth

9. Dream Job- Start my own non-profit organization

10. Favorite TV Show- Keeping up with the Kardashians

11. Favorite Music Genre- Hip-Hop/R&B

12. Dream Date- Cozy Thai and Barefoot

Any PSU dime’s you want to nominate?

Send all nominations to theschoolphilly@gmail.com

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