Oct 11

Ben Affleck a B-Lister?

Not a chance.

A couple days ago, I was hanging out in my apartment and I happened to mention something about Ben Affleck. Probably because we just saw The Town and I absolutely loved it. Anyway, I said something about him being awesome and I got completely shmucked by my roommates. First they were saying how he sucks at acting and has made a bunch of flops and blah blah blah. But then someone said he was a B-List actor. I thought they were joking! B-List actor? C’mon Man! My boy Ben is a hell of a lot of things, but a B-Lister is not one of them and I can prove it!

Alright lets calm down and look at his resume. He started his career with roles in Dazed and Confused, Chasing Amy, and Shakespear in Love (which won 1998 Academy Award for Best Picture). Then he co-starred in a little movie called Armageddon. Ever hear of it? Seriously, if you haven’t seen Armageddon, I don’t like you and please get off of my website. That little movie went on to gross over 550 million dollars and rocket Ben into the far reaches of super stardom and absolute domination of the motion picture industry. Okay maybe not, but from then on he was a leading man and has been a contributor of the A-List ever since.

You Can’t Argue With Good Looks

Theres no doubt about it. Bounce, Good Will Hunting, Reindeer Games, Boiler Room, Pearl Harbor, Hollywoodland (For which he won Best Actor in the Venice Film Festival, and was nominated for a Golden Globe), State of Play, and finally, The Town. He directed Gone Baby Gone and The Town. The guys just got raw talent coming out of his ears.

Watch this video and tell me he’s not the man!

So, even though this isn’t even a fuckin’ question, I’ll let you guys decide. Is Ben Affleck an A-Lister? (I can’t even believe I just wrote that fucking question)

Oh and He Totally Banged This Girl


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